What is the Mathrace?

The Mathrace is an international mathematical challenge organized by the University of Twente for both Dutch and non-Dutch students. It starts on 6 March, and takes place over a seven-week period. Every Monday a new question will be posted on Facebook as well as on this website. These questions are designed to challenge you and to help develop your mathematical skills. Every Mathrace question consists of different parts, some of which will not be obligatory for Dutch students (who will be slightly younger than the non-Dutch participants). These questions will be marked as optional for Dutch students.

Who can participate?

The challenge is open to Dutch students in 3VWO or 4VWO, and non-Dutch students in the final two years of secondary school.

How it works

Solutions to the questions must be submitted one week after they have been posted online (see the schedule below). Solutions can be submitted as a Word file, PDF, picture, or as text on the webpage submission form. The answers will be checked every week and the scores published on our scoreboard, which you can find here. After completing four of the seven questions, participants will receive a certificate of participation. Winners of the Mathrace (one Dutch and one non-Dutch winner) stand to receive a fantastic prize. Last year’s winners received a binary watch!

Mathrace schedule


Question posted online

Deadline for submitting solutions

Question 1

6 March    12:00

13 March   12:00

Question 2

13 March  12:00

20 March   12:00

Question 3

20 March  12:00

27 March   12:00

Question 4

27 March  12:00

3 April        12:00

Question 5

3 April       12:00

10 April      12:00

Question 6

10 April     12:00

18 April      12:00

Question 7

18 April     12:00

24 April      12:00

Mathrace Rules

·    The questions are designed for both Dutch and non-Dutch students
      o   Non-Dutch participants must be in the final two years of secondary school (16-18 years old)
      o   Dutch participants must be in 3VWO or 4VWO of secondary school
·     Participation in the Mathrace is free of charge
·     You may answer as many questions as you like, but at least four questions must be answered in order for participants to receive a certificate of participation or to qualify for the prize
·     Students may only participate individually and not as a group
·      The Mathrace consists of seven questions and a new one will be uploaded to the website and Facebook every week
·      Solutions must be submitted by 12:00 on the Monday one week after the question has been posted
·      Solutions can be submitted via the webpage form as a Word file, PDF, picture, or as direct text on the webpage submission form
·      If you are not able to submit your solution in a given week, don’t worry.  You will still be able to compete in the Mathrace, but you won’t get a point for that week’s submission.
·      Each question counts a maximum of one point. You will receive one point for a correct answer, provided that your solution includes a clear explanation of how you arrived at your answer. You will not receive any points if you do not provide an explanation. If you made some miscalculations but provided a good explanation, you may still earn a point.
·      The scoreboard will be updated as soon as possible. Due to the large number of participants and difficulty of the questions, there may be a slight delay in updating the scoreboard.
·      The questions will be set and corrected by Applied Mathematics students.
·      Time zone: UTC+1 (CET - Central European Time).