The mathrace 2016 has ended and the winners have received a message. Many thanks for your participation and we hope to see you again at the following edition in March.

Are you in the final years of secondary school and ready for a mathematical challenge? Then why not participate in the Math Race? For the Math Race challenge, a new mathematical exercise will be posted on our website every week during a six-to-eight-week period. Solutions can be submitted by you or by your school on your behalf.

You can participate as an individual or as a group (of at most 5 students). If you participate you have a chance to win a binary watch worth seventy euros! 


The next edition of the Math Race starts march 2017 and will last for seven weeks. Please see the detailed schedule of the Math Race for more information.


Once the Math Race has started, a new exercise will be uploaded to the website every week. You can participate in the Math Race by submitting your solution by e-mail to within a week after the publication of the exercise. Please see the detailed rules for more information about the Math Race. The website also includes some old exercises and a scoreboard for the Math Race. Would you rather participate in the Dutch version of the Mathrace, organised for students in class 3 or 4 of the VWO (Dutch school system), check our Dutch website


Would you like to practice for the next Math Race? Or are you looking for a mathematical challenge? Then go to the website and solve the exercises from the last edition of the Math Race.