Why Twente Graduate School

Studying in the Netherlands

The Dutch educational system consists of three cycles: the Bachelor's, the Master's and the third cycle, which includes pursuing a PhD degree. As a research university, the UT offers programmes in all three cycles.

Your PhD at the University of Twente

In the Netherlands, only research universities like the University of Twente offer the third cycle of higher education leading to a PhD. The PhD phase comprises a minimum of four years in which you carry out research and also, in most cases, teach. As a PhD-employee you receive a salary from the UT, but for this you will have to apply for one of the unfilled vacancies or respond by submitting an open application. Naturally, if you have organized funding by means of a scholarship, then you can always contact the professor under whose supervision you want to obtain your doctoral degree. You must first have completed a recognized Master's degree in order to start a PhD phase.

Two routes to a PhD

At Twente Graduate School there are two routes to enrol. The first route is if you have completed a Bachelor's degree but have to start a Master of Science degree:

The second route is if you have already completed a Master's degree at the University of Twente or elsewhere.

Three ways to finance your PhD

In general, there are three possible ways of funding your PhD:

  1. By responding to a vacancy and being taken on as a PhD-employee.
  2. Via a fellowship or grant
  3. With sponsorship from your employer

Categories of PhD candidates

The University of Twente accommodates the following PhD candidate categories:

  1. Employed doctoral candidate: a temporary employee of the University of Twente (FOM employees included).
  2. Staff: present employees of the University of Twente who are given the opportunity to conduct PhD research. 
  3. PhD candidate international (official name: contract doctoral candidate): International PhD candidates usually with a fellowship or grant and not employed by the University of Twente. Their research is primarily conducted at the University of Twente. Or, in case of sandwich PhD candidates, they only spend part of the four-year PhD Programme at University of Twente; these PhD candidates must have the support of both their home institute and their supervisor at the University of Twente.
  4. External PhD candidates: PhD candidates who are not employed by University of Twente and who do not conduct research at the University of Twente. These PhD candidates must have the support of a full professor as their supervisor at University of Twente, and are usually mid-end career.

Twente Gruadate School blog

Are you wondering if a PhD programme could be something for you? Get to know more about what it is like to be part of a PhD trajectory and read about the experiences of some of our TGS students in the TGS blog.

PDEng - Professional Docorate in Engineering

In addition to the opportunity of obtaining your PhD, the UT also offers PDEng programmes. These are two-year technological designer programmes that lead to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering.