Master Systems & Control

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This two-year Master’s teaches you how to control the behaviour of dynamic phenomena and systems in interaction with their environment.

The two-year Master’s in Systems and Control is internationally oriented and is taught entirely in English. This Master's is also part of the 4TU programme, which means you can take relevant courses at four Dutch universities of technology.

Last starting date February 2023

The university of Twente is phasing out the Master’s in Systems & Control: the last group of students starts with the programme in February 2023.

For a start in September 2023 or later, we exclusively offer the Master’s programme in Robotics as a replacement of Systems & Control.  

Note the following: when you apply for admission to a study programme at the University of Twente for a start in September 2023, you still may encounter Systems & Control in the Studylink system. This happens because of the long procedure to discontinue the Systems & Control programme. If you apply for admission to Systems & Control, we will send you an email with the request to change your programme to Robotics.

Legally, it is still possible to enter Systems & Control in September 2023, but we strongly recommend that you choose Robotics.

Note that Systems & Control will cease to exist at September 1st  2026, which limits the amount of time, available for you to graduate from the programme.

Focus and disciplines

Systems and Control is a multidisciplinary field focusing on the control of all kinds of technical systems. It combines knowledge of the mathematics of Systems and Control with specific knowledge of its applications (e.g. mechatronic systems).

Research and specialisations

You will investigate ways of developing mathematical models that reflect the key features of a system by employing differential equations, inequalities, algebraic equations and logical constraints. Then, you will use advanced methods to simulate the modelled system. During the simulations, control algorithms (e.g. using feed-forward or feedback) can be designed and tested. Depending on your specialisation you will concentrate on elaborating theoretical aspects of control, or you will focus on the technology of developing mechatronic devices and systems.


Why opt for Systems and Control

You will learn advanced theories and techniques to create applications that were not possible until now, including mobile robots, production machines, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and biomechanical devices. This Master’s offers you access to world-class and state-of-the-art facilities such as our Robotics lab. It is closely connected to the Digital Society Institute and the Techmed Centre.

Career prospects

Typically, our graduates pursue a career in research and development, in either a corporate or an academic setting. Find out more about the career opportunities that the specialisations have to offer you.

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