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Why Psychology at the University of Twente?

Design and technology

By studying Psychology at the University of Twente you will be trained as a designer and researcher. As a researcher you will be capable of conducting scientific research (projects). As a designer you will be trained to apply your scientific knowledge to solving real-world problems, by designing effective interventions for a wide variety of issues in psychology to influence human behaviour. You will also be able to combine psychology with technology, in eHealth applications for example. 

Unique specializations

The Master’s in Psychology at the University of Twente is unique due to the applied nature of our five specializations, each with its own profile.

  • Human Factors & Engineering Psychology teaches you to design and improve technological applications by applying your knowledge of cognitive psychology.
  • In Conflict, Risk & Safety you will study social psychological themes related to risk perception and communication, conflict and crisis management, and the causes and remediation of antisocial and criminal behaviour.
  • Health Psychology & Technology focuses on promoting healthy behaviour and the relationship between the psyche and (physical) health. Technology (eHealth) plays a key role in the specialization.
  • The specialization in Learning Sciences trains you to specify, explain and predict learning processes (psychological and otherwise) and design applications to improve learning.
  • Positive Psychology & Technology (in Dutch, only for Dutch (speaking) students). 

Individual and personal

The Master’s in Psychology at the University of Twente is refreshingly small-scale compared to similar programmes at other universities in the Netherlands. As one of the smaller universities in the Netherlands, you can be assured of an open, friendly atmosphere at UT and personal attention.

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