Master's structure

Within the Master’s in Psychology, you need to choose one of the five specialisations.

Before the start of your Master’s in Psychology, you will choose a specialisation. This way, by personalising your programme, you get to develop your own expertise. We offer you different kinds of specialisations, some of which you will not easily find elsewhere. Your choice determines which courses you will take and the type of research you will be involved in during your master’s thesis.

Co-decide the content of your Master’s

How to compose your Master’s

What your curriculum looks like, depends on the choices you make in composing your Master’s. There are two steps in doing so.

Step 1 Choose a specialisation

Before the start of the programme, you need to choose a specialisation. The Master’s in Psychology has five specialisations:

Step 2 Design the rest of your curriculum

Once you have chosen your specialisation, it is time to think about what the rest of your study programme should look like. Each specialisation has its own set of compulsory courses and in addition, you can choose one extra elective course (except for the specialisation in PCPT), and you will determine the topic of your master’s thesis. Moreover, you can choose to do an internship as well.

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