Lieke rotman

ROC twente

Coach and empowerment teacher 

Ever since secondary school, I have asked myself questions like: Why do people behave the way they do? How can you change behaviour? Which different kinds of healthcare are there? This explains why I decided to study psychology at the University of Twente. After my Bachelor’s, I specialised in Conflict, Risk & Security, ‘the Master’s track for anyone interested in working as a coach, trainer or mediator, for instance with the police or the government”. 

When I started studying, I wanted to become a clinical psychologist. I was interested in working with mental pathologies. But during my Bachelor’s programme I changed my mind. I discovered I was far more interested in supporting people with motivational issues, anxiety and other problems hindering them from living life to the full. 

Nowadays I work as a coach and route counsellor at ROC Twente, a Dutch vocational training centre. I am busy writing an empowerment programme for people who are at a great distance from the labour market. They need to be encouraged to get back to work and to stop depending on social security benefits. The goal of the programme is to help participants (re)discover their own strength, overcome their inhibitions and get motivated to go back to work. I also run groups and coach individuals. The knowledge and skills I gained from the Master’s  specialisation I took are really useful. They include coaching, self-reliance, confronting conflicts, negotiating et cetera. As a social psychologist you have a broad background and exciting career opportunities.

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