In the second year of the Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society programme at the University of Twente, you will have the opportunity to choose a specialization profile. The profiles represent an important field or research line in the domain of philosophy of technology. We currently offer three different profiles. Depending on the profile you choose, you will take a cluster of required courses. You will be expected to participate in research group activities that are related to your specialization profile. The three profiles are:

At the UT, we also offer you the possibility to choose a so-called ‘free profile’. This is a more personalized programme that may also include modules from partner institutes abroad. Your free profile has to be approved by our exam committee. For more information, you can contact the programme staff. 

In addition to the regular profiles, you may opt for the 4TU Ethics and Technology track, which ultimately - upon excellent completion)-  may lead to a PhD. This option is interesting if you are a PSTS student considering a career in research. 

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