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Suzan Cornelissen

Organisation: Max van der Stoel Foundation
Title: Policy Officer

I am responsible for the Fair Politics EU advocacy programme, which aims to inform policy-makers about EU policies that are incompatible with the EU’s development cooperation objectives.


The multidisciplinary approach of the Master’s programme at the University of Twente greatly appealed to me, especially the focus on the social, economic, judicial and international relations aspect of the European Union. The opportunity to complete part of my studies in Münster and to complete a double Master’s degree also influenced my decision. While studying at the UT, I took extra courses in development cooperation as part of a minor in sustainable development. I was also a student assistant at the Centre of European Studies and I participated in EuroSIM, a simulation of the European Union, which was held in Buffalo, New York.

After the master’s programme

After a year I moved to Münster for my second semester, where I managed to improve my German while living with two German students. When it was time to write my thesis and complete my studies, I found an internship in Brussels with the Max van der Stoel Foundation, where I am still working today. The Foundation is aligned with the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) and works in the areas of Democracy, Development and Dialogue (see

As a Policy Officer in our Brussels office, I run the Fair Politics advocacy programme. This means we try to enhance policy coherence for development by informing EU policy-makers about the external impact of EU policies on developing countries. We do this by performing impact studies in developing countries, organising expert meetings at the European Parliament and by closely monitoring policy developments within the European Institutions.

My Master’s degree in European Studies from the UT provided me with a solid theoretical background and insights into the European Union and international relations. It serves me well to this day.

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