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Morid Pagardi

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and I am currently taking the double degree Master’s programme European Studies in co-oporation with the University of Münster, Germany. This programme is interesting to me because I am interested in European Union values and its civilisation. I believe that the EU shares its value by supporting freedom and democracy in the world and these achievements are human aspirations.

This Master’s focuses on the complex environment in which the various levels of government come together and this is exactly what I was interested in. This Master’s seems very complete and offers huge opportunities to learn from different areas. Also, I feel excited to study with international students. The experience in multicultural environment improves my communication skills while it broadens my horizon.

Because I am studying the double degree Master’s programme I also studied a year at the University of Münster. The University of Münster offered me the chance to become familiar with the European history, while the UT offered me well integrated international programmes on a well-organised level.

I am a follower of the Sufism which is a way to experience reality. I have had no problems with being a follower of the Sufism in The Netherlands: here and in Dutch society I live very peacefully and besides living and studying at university, freely, I do practice meditation of Sufism.

After my Master’s I would like to combine a PhD position with a job. I made a contract of employment with an international company. International trade officer will be my future job position in this company.

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