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Jurrian Werler

I have a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies and am now doing the Master’s programme in European Studies. A multidisciplinary approach in combination with the demanding academic level is what makes this programme unique. Many similar studies either focus on one aspect or lead to a   Master’s of Arts degree. The programme allows you to go deeper into the analysis of European issues.

The reason I chose the University of Twente for my Master’s is because of the good experiences I have had here during my Bachelor’s programme. Also, the University of Twente has a focus on analyzing the actual output of the European Union and the thorough analysis of different challenges. Besides that, there is the opportunity to do a double degree in cooperation with the University of Münster, Germany. Having two degrees, two titles, an international experience and thus better chances at the job market were all factors contributing to my choice to study at the UT.

If I would have to give prospective students some advice, I would say: stick to the given time schemes, learn to discipline yourself, and there will be plenty of time left for extra-curricular activities. By organising events with other international students you develop many useful skills you cannot simply derive from books.

The job perspectives of an ES-student are relatively good. With the increasing challenges faced by the EU, European Studies offers you something extra in the field of public governance. I would very much like to work for a government, for example at an embassy.

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