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It all started in the winter when I decided that my next step would be a Master’s programme abroad. One of my friends suggested checking out some international study programme portals. I had a look at the University of Twente website and after seeing the promotional video I decided to come here.

Studying at the University of Twente

So far, my experience of life in Enschede has been really enjoyable. I have been living on campus, surrounded by students like myself. It was easy to find new, clean and furnished accommodation. Studying at the University of Twente is not as easy as it might seem at first. The standard is quite high. Nevertheless, I can easily say that it has been a good experience, especially since the professors are really supportive and ready to help you.

Biggest campus in the Netherlands

What I like most about studying at UT is living on the biggest campus in the Netherlands and being part of a great international community and a multicultural environment. The campus gives you the opportunity to engage in all kinds of sports, such as horse riding, climbing, indoor and outdoor swimming, Zumba, beach volleyball, basketball, the list goes on. The students often organise special events on campus, everything from a big festival or a weekly movie night, to country presentations and poker tournaments.

Cultural differences

Students coming from Romania should be aware of some of the cultural differences. Be prepared to ride a bike! Every Dutch student has a bike and it can be quite difficult to join in social activities or to get to places without one. Regardless of the wet and windy weather, everybody here cycles.

One of the best universities

I would definitely recommend UT as one of the best universities. It gave me the chance to grow, to consider many other options, discover opportunities and, most importantly, aim higher. If you are studying in the same field as I am, you will definitely gain a new perspective on your future career. I have now completed my courses for a double Master’s degree in European Studies, and have just started an internship at the Eurojust in The Hague.

All in all, I can definitely say that being a student at UT has opened new horizons for me. Living in the Netherlands and studying at UT is the first major milestone in my career.

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