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The Master’s in Electrical Engineering provides you with the knowledge and skills you will need to be successful in almost any area of technology. It is an innovative engineering discipline in which you will develop new methods and technologies. Electrical engineers are highly employable, largely because their training encompasses a branch of science rather than focusing on a specific profession. You will be trained in development teams for all kinds of new technologies. Without electrical engineers there would be no cars, aircraft, mobile phones, tablets, PCs or TVs.

The programme offers a wide variety of specialisations. You will build your own future in line with your personal interests, whether you would like to be a researcher, a designer (developer of new products and services) or an organiser (manager of an engineering department or provider of consulting services).

Many of the programme’s graduates start their careers in R&D departments. Our research groups enjoy close ties with major companies such as Philips (consumer and medical electronic devices), ASML (machine fabrication to produce chips), NXP (chips), Demcon (robots) and Thales, but also with SMEs. These ties could help you find your first job, often with an internship as a first step. You might also decide to specialise further by becoming a PhD researcher at one of our research groups. You could then go to work as a specialist for a company, or start your own business as many of our past graduates have done.

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