Sports Data Science

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Sports Data Science is a specialisation within the master's programme computer science offered by the university of twente.

Are you fascinated by studying and improving human movement in combination with technology and data science? Do you want to help (professional) athletes and their coaches improve their performance using data? Or are you triggered by the importance of sports for a healthy lifestyle for all of us, including sport for therapeutic reasons? Then Sports Data Science is the right choice for you. 

Why study Sports Data Science?

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in better analysis of sports performance in order to improve this performance on the one hand, and to prevent or even predict injuries on the other hand. Furthermore, there is an increasing need of ways to analyse human movement in relation to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or sporting for therapeutic reasons. In order to exercise well, you need to understand movement, how a body works and how a body reacts to training forms. However, to understand this and to improve sports performance, more data and ways to interpret this data is needed. The combination of data science and sports and human movement sciences, provides modern insights into the ways in which human sports performance and sport activities can be enhanced through the use of data. For example, would it not be interesting to investigate the relationship between fitness and the development of injuries, or to recognize patterns in tennis strokes? And what about investigating how daily activity can be measured in a simple way, or how therapeutic sporting can improve general health?

Nowadays, sports movements and movement patterns are measured with a wide range of mobile sensors. These sensor data can be used for a better understanding of (changes in) these movement patterns (e.g. due to fatigue) to prevent injuries and improve (individual or team) performance. However, currently it is limited to single data streams and not based on real-time offline analysis. Therefore, new models, algorithms and techniques need to be developed to integrate existing data sets, perform real-time analyses, provide feedback and going to multiple data streams. Do you want to develop yourself as a sports data scientist and contribute to these future improvements? Then Sports Data Science is the right choice.

Combination of sports and data science 

Sports Data Science is a two-year specialisation within the master’s programme Computer Science at the University of Twente. This unique specialisation provides modern insights into the ways in which human sports performance and activities and human movement in general can be enhanced through the use of data. The combination of courses in human movement science, such as anatomy, physiology, sport and physical exercise, and the courses in data science, such as managing big data, machine learning, and image processing and computer vision, will make you an expert in sports data science.

Sports Data Science provides basic courses that will help you understand data science, the mathematics behind data science, smart services, and how these fields are related through modern information systems. The track also offers advanced courses in which you will be equipped to tackle the challenges of this cross-disciplinary field, including big data processing, real-time analytics, information quality, and information system and service design. These challenges include big data, real-time analytics, data modelling and smart information use. Next to this, courses will be offered on human movement sciences, such as anatomy, measuring physical quantities, training and performance, electromyography, applied biomechanics, and concepts in human movement sciences.

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Enrolment and admission

As a student of this track, you enrol in the Master’s programme Computer Science at the University of Twente, where you can choose for the specialisation of Sports Data Science. The programme takes two years and consists of 120 EC. It is possible to start in September and in February. If you wish to join the track Sports Data Science, you need to meet the admission requirements for the Master Computer Science at University of Twente. Please read more information on the website of Computer Science

If you have a non-Dutch diploma, we encourage you to take our eligibility check. It will give you an indication of your eligibility for admission to the Master’s programme Computer Science. It will take you about five minutes. Please note that this is not part of the official admission procedure. No rights can be obtained from the outcome of the eligibility check.


Do you want more information about the programme's structure, the application procedure or your eligibility? Please contact programme mentor dr. Nicola Strisciuglio. 

dr. N. Strisciuglio (Nicola)
Assistant Professor
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