The job market for computer science professionals is full of opportunities. Our graduates find employment in ICT R&D, IT management and IT consulting. They work in settings ranging from small companies to leading multinationals. Many start their own businesses. Others work for government agencies or pursue a PhD.

Take a look at what career opportunities the specializations can offer you.

Data Science & Technology

This specialization will offer you employment opportunities in research, development and operations in any organization that uses information and technology-enabled business processes, while also using the analysis of data underlying those processes to improve its organizational performance. Organizations like this exist in all sectors, particularly in finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics, and public administration.

Examples of future jobs as a graduate of the Data Science & Technology specialization:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Web Service Engineer
  • Jobs related to Data Mining or Machine Learning

Cyber Security

As a cyber security graduate, you will not have any problems finding a job. You can work for a variety of organizations, including the police, ministries, the IT security industry, auditors, research organizations and universities, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Examples of jobs include: 

  • Computer and network security specialist
  • Digital expert police
  • Entrepreneur and security consultant
  • Ethical hacker
  • Information security advisor
  • PhD student
  • Security analyst
  • Teacher

Software Technology

Software is present in all kinds of application areas nowadays, ranging from computer applications, web services and information systems to the automotive or consumer electronics sector. You could become a researcher at the university or an industrial research centre. You might also follow your entrepreneurial spirit and start a company of your own, bringing your own state-of-the-art software solutions to the market. With a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Software Technology you will also be able to find employment as a:

  • software developer
  • consultant
  • verification engineer in a software-intensive company
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