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Before starting your Master’s in Computer Science, you need to choose a specialisation. This way, you personalise your programme, so you can develop a distinct expertise. You can choose from four unique specialisations that will open doors to unlimited career opportunities in the realm of cyber security, data science, software technology, and internet science and technology. Your choice determines which courses you will take and the type of research you will do as part of your master’s thesis.

Cyber Security

Protect tomorrow’s society against the growing attacks on the digital systems we all depend on. In this specialisation, you will learn to understand computer systems and networks, assess their security by means of penetration testing, risk assessment, data monitoring and analytics, and detect, mitigate, and prevent cyberattacks on them.

Data Science & Technology

Become an expert in extracting value from the vast amount of data available these days. In this specialisation, you will explore statistical and machine learning techniques to work with big data and engineer systems that drive progress in any private or public organisation.

Software Technology

It is a matter of understanding all phases of a software lifecycle, such as requirements, engineering, architectural and detailed design, construction, and quality assurance to be able to develop and validate large-scale systems. Learn to apply different software engineering techniques or tools to develop and verify software programmes for any application and domain.

Internet Science & Technology

Network systems are all around us. Learn everything about networking, from technology to application, and understand how the internet and other network systems operate. This way, you can develop and improve constantly evolving network systems such as wired, wireless, and cloud-computing networks.

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