Programme Structure

Master's programme structure

The programme in 2016-2017 consists of two components: your courses and your Master’s thesis. In 2016-2017* your first quartile will consist of courses. In your second quartile each student will start with a business research methodology course, in combination with the first stage of developing a Master’s thesis, resulting in a research proposal. Your third quartile consists of three more courses. In your fourth and final quartile, you will develop your Master’s thesis on the basis of your research proposal.

Part 1: courses

In the first and third quarters you will have the opportunity to combine a number of core courses with a number of electives.

Core courses

The core courses will give you a solid theoretical basis in the main fields of business administration. In general, these core courses will cover several topics of business administration and the full breadth of the programme’s learning objectives, as well as offering the typical ‘Twente High Tech Human Touch’ focus.


In addition to the core courses, you can choose a number of electives (20 European Credits) that will allow you to specialize in the High Tech Human Touch MSc BA fields, which are combined in one of five tracks.

It is possible to strengthen your profile with an elective in Change Management. Find out more about the core courses and electives as provided in the previous academic year 2015-2016 in the Courses Catalogue 2015-2016 'draft' (PDF).

Part 2: Master’s thesis

In addition to the courses in quarters two and four, you will work on a Master’s thesis on a topic of your own choice within one of the profiles.

You will write a Master’s thesis based on a problem-oriented research project on a topic of your own choosing, carried out preferably in a company setting for example in a manufacturing or service organization, or within an academic department at the university, in the Netherlands or abroad. You will work with professionals and have the opportunity to integrate your knowledge and a variety of research techniques while applying them to practical problems. Upon completion of your thesis, you will present your research and defend it at a public ceremony.

In order to prepare you for carrying out your Master’s research project, you will follow our Business Research course in your second quartile. This is an essential course for students conducting research in the field of business administration. It will give you a better understanding of what it means to conduct research in this field, while building your methodological repertoire and developing your academic skills for effective and efficient research activities.

* The structure of the programme in 2016-2017 and further will generally be the same, although the study programme will be subject to change each year.

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