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Transfering during HBO bachelor’s 

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Transfer minor route

STEP 1: choose a transfer minor

First choose a transfer minor on the Kies op Maat (KOM) website. If the transfer minor of the master's programme you wish to follow at the University of Twente is not listed, please contact the Study Information Centre.

Start your application
Kies Op Maat
Deadlines: you can apply for a transferprogramme at "Kies Op Maat". Make sure you subscribe for programmes starting at the first of February before 31 december and for programmes beginning at the first of September before 30 June.

STEP 2: create an account and apply for a minor

To apply for a transfer minor, you first need to create an account on KOM and log in. After doing so, you can apply for a transfer minor by  clicking the "apply" button next to each minor.

STEP 3: create a learning agreement and get approval

You need to create a learning agreement for the KOM application procedure. You need to print this agreement and take it to your university of applied sciences (HBO) transfer coordinator. Your contact will help you get the approval from your examination board.

STEP 4: send the learning agreement and subsequent actions

Once the examination board has approved your request, send the signed learning agreement and any documents proving English and/or mathematics proficiency to the University of Twente. If the University of Twente approves your application, you can start the actual application.


To apply as a transfer minor student - you follow (a part of) the transfer programme during your university of applied sciences bachelor's programme - you need the following documents:

  • A copy of a valid passport/ID card;
  • A proof of Payment Tuition fee;
  • A recently updated transcript of records from your current education institute;
  • The learning agreement, completely filled in and signed.

For some master’s programmes more specific information may be required (e.g. course descriptions).

Participation in the minor

External students have to make sure that the learning agreement, agreed upon by their examination board, is in the hands of the UT contact person before the end of the subscription period.

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