General information

Please note: you have to register in the minor system and in Osiris (for the module) before the beginning of the quartile

About Major and Minor

The bachelor programme consists of a core curriculum of 150 EC (major) and an additional 30 EC of elective space. In the UT this space is filled with minors. A distinctive feature of the UT is that there are many different combinations possible.

For information on majors please visit the respective websites of the different bachelor programmes. This website is specifically on minors.


In the first semester of the third year of the bachelor’s programmes (module 9 and module 10) there is the possibility to fill your elective space with minors. You can choose for (a combination of):

  1. High Tech Human Touch (HTHT) minors
  2. Crossing Borders, Educative minor, Board minor
  3. Study Abroad
  4. Join-in minors
  5. In-dept minors
  6. Switching to a master form another study programme

The minors offered at the UT in the elective space are all structured in accordance with the TOM principles. The coherence of the minor is safeguarded by a central theme. Every minor consists of both educational activities, such as lectures and tutorials, and a project. In this project students are challenged to independently develop their knowledge and skills. There is a focus on the personal responsibility of the student and cooperation between students.

The elective space is primarily aimed at broadening (T-shaped professional) and internationalisation (global citizen). T-shaped professionals are experts who are specialised in their fields so that they are able to add new knowledge or applications there (depth), yet at the same time have sufficient understanding of the societal context in that field (breadth). The T-shaped professional should be able to combine professional in-depth knowledge with broad academic competencies.

The main rules regarding the minors have been summarised on the page rules of this website. There is also mentioned the option to take a minor at another Dutch university or university of Applied Sciences.