MARCO, spain

So here I am looking back on my experiences in sunny Seville, a great place to study! It’s the end of January and only 15 degrees outside. Still, that’s a lot better than the snow and rain back in Enschede.

The start of my time as an Erasmus student here was much warmer, with temperatures of over 38 degrees in September dropping to a more comfortable 20 degrees at night. The region of Andalucía has a lot to offer, and thanks to the well-organized Erasmus networks you can sign up for a different trip every week, from hiking to partying. With trips to the Portuguese beaches, Cordoba, Granada and a five day break in Morocco under my belt, can I honestly say it’s been the cheapest and most enjoyable travelling I’ve done in a while!

There are two universities in Seville and the abundance of nationalities (including over 4,000 American students) make for a unique atmosphere in the traditional Spanish south. It’s a great mix of cultures combined with a very friendly and open local student body.

The way of life here can be summarized as ‘different’. Although most accommodation in Seville is fairly modern, things don’t always work the way you’re used to in northern Europe, starting with the internet. The low cost of living makes up for many of these shortcomings, such as the cheap taxis, public transport fares for as little as 80 cents a ride, and a very convenient and affordable public bike rental service. You can eat out for next to nothing: pay a few euros for tapas, add a starter and you’ve got an evening meal!

Seville is laid back and relaxed during the day and comes alive at night. It provides a great experience alongside your academic pursuits. I can heartily recommend it as a unique Erasmus experience.

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