Management, Society & Technology study programme

When your parents got their first mobile phone, it wasn’t much more than a curious add-on to their lives. Today, we use our smart phones 24/7 and digital technologies are increasingly interwoven with everything we do. Do you want to gain a clear understanding of today’s technologies and use it for the good of society? Then Management, Society & Technology is the Bachelor's programme for you.

The main themes in the first year

This programme is all about getting to grips with current, societal topics. You will learn to understand them in a way that allows you to develop viable solutions. You will combine public administration expertise and skills with outstanding technological insight.

The first year looks roughly like this: 

Module 1: Data Security

In this module you will dive into the world of computer security and cybercrime. You will learn how to map out a high-tech, societal topic and explore the role of government and other stakeholders.

Module 2: Societal Challenges

In this module we will look at the biggest societal challenges of our time – for example, migration, cybercrime, the energy transition or ageing. The main focus will be on learning how to define and analyse this kind of problem scientifically.

Module 3: Smart Health Interventions

Throughout this module you will become familiar with the latest healthcare technologies and learn to design effective improvements yourself.  

Module 4: Smart Liveable Cities

In this module you will explore the challenges cities face these days. Think, for example, of climate change, energy supplies or housing shortages. You will learn how to involve all sorts of stakeholders in making decisions aimed at creating more liveable cities.

Unique Educational Model  

The Twente Educational Model, ‘TOM’, makes studying more effective, more futureproof and more than ever. TOM lets you take charge of your own learning path, becoming more responsible, self-critical and entrepreneurial. You will learn how to join forces with others in changing teams and discover your best role as a team player. You will benefit from and enjoy many ways of learning, including challenging, real-world projects. You will become a 'T-shaped professional' with in-depth expertise in your field (the vertical line of the 'T') and the ability to interact with colleagues from completely different disciplines (the horizontal line). On top of that, you will become an expert in putting the interplay between science, technology and society to the best possible use.

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