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I am Julia, 23 years old and at the moment I am studying abroad in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Originally, I am from Münster, Germany but I study European Public Administration at the University of Twente.

My host university here is the ‘Universitat de les Illes Balears’, which is not in the center of Palma but located out of town near the nice Tramuntana mountains. The campus is quite huge and has all the different faculties located separately.

I had already chosen five courses when I was still in Twente, but because many of them overlapped timewise I had to choose other courses. The courses I choose are of two different minors: Business Administration and Tourism. The courses that I attend within the Business minor are ‘Marketing Management’, ‘Economic Environment’ and ‘Financial Markets and Operations’. The last two courses are very strongly related to economic and financial issues whereby the first subject gives an impression about how the market and its components act and why. The two courses that I attend within the Tourism minor are ‘Organizational Design and Human Resources’ and ‘Introduction to Tourism’. It is very interesting to get an idea of how Tourism is related to the economic market and how these two components influence each other.

The experience of studying abroad, especially here in Spain, can sometimes be a challenge. Especially the administration here either in the city center or at the University is a mess which is why you really have to be patient and calm. This is one of the main experiences that I had here: you have to accept the host country’s characteristics (even though they sometimes drive you insane) and then you realize that you can also deal successfully with new problems and challenges that might appear. This makes you more confident and self- sufficient which are important characteristics you need for your future life as a professional.

Of course I made some very nice experiences on this beautiful island. During our first week, we had some trips to different places in Mallorca like Sollér, Valdemossa or Formentor. And there are beautiful beaches here like Es Trenc or Illetes which can give you kind of Caribbean feeling.

The nicest experience that I had thus far was the trip to Cap Formentor which is the northernmost place on Mallorca. As you can see on the pictures, the sea and the mountains there are really breathtaking and leave a permanent impression.

All in all, I am really happy about making this great experience here but I also look forward to return to Germany and the Netherlands because besides the nice experiences I made here, I also learned to appreciate home.

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