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FIVE questions for Dennis Bos, first year student Management, Society & Technology (MS&T)

About Dennis:
- 19 years
- Profile (high school): Economy & Society
- Interested in history and the influential role of technology in society

How do you like studying MS&T in Enschede?

I’m enjoying the study and I feel really comfortable at the university. The subjects have been really interesting up until now, especially the projects make it possible to put the knowledge and literature into practice. What appeals to me most, is the investigation of the influence of technology on society. For example, how the Industrial Revolution changed society, and what effect this had on the mindset and lifestyle of the population. This influence of big developments on modern society really interests me. A more recent example is the Internet of Things, which means that technology is connected to each other and it’s playing an increasingly bigger role in our lives. Like a pacemaker, that automatically saves certain information about your bodily functions and forwards this to the producer or the hospital to undertake appropriate action in case of emergency. Saving and managing this kind of data and data security is part of Management, Society & Technology, and subjects like these are well-linked. I’ve always been interested in history, and therefore impactful societal changes. I find the programme even more interesting than I expected beforehand.

MS&T student Dennis

I think the technological aspect of MS&T is really interesting, but also really important since our society is getting more ‘technological’ in many ways.

MS&T student Dennis

How does technology play a role in your study?

In the second module “Societal Challenges”, it is explained how technological developments of the 19th century, among which the Industrial Revolution, had an impact on society. The project within this modules was aimed at mass migration, and the technological aspects of this process. Many participants in the migration process make use of technology. A migrant uses his smartphone or GPS to stay updated on the latest news and to find out what place is best to travel to. Human traffickers use certain technology to smuggle illegal immigrants across the Mediterranean Sea. And countries on the other side are using technology to exclude these illegal immigrants or register them. I think the technological aspect of MS&T is really interesting, but also really important since our society is getting more ‘technological’ in many ways. I already referred to the Internet of Things, but also Social Media are playing a big role in our lives and this challenges our privacy.

What is the value of this bachelor for society?

If you ask me, students with an MS&T study background will take up a new role in society: an expert with both affinity for technology and knowledge of law, politics and society. That’s why I think that graduates MS&T students can play an important role in the development of policies surrounding new technologies and their effects. They can also fulfil advisory functions at big international companies or (local) governments, surrounding issues about for example cybersecurity and privacy.

What kind of job do you see yourself doing after your study? 

The policy component within MS&T appeals to me most. I picture myself later as working at a big company or (local) government with a function of policy advisor or policymaker. Also I would like to explore and deal with privacy issues.

Why did you choose for Management, Society & Technology at the University of Twente?

I chose for this bachelor programme, because I wanted to combine multiple disciplines. Within MS&T, we’re focusing on law, economics, politics, policy, sociology and history. Next to these disciplines, the focus on investigating the influence of technology on our society at this technical university was one of the most important factors of my decision.

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