European Public Administration

Why European public Administration at the University of Twente?

Is this you? Five confessions of a typical European public administration student

So how can you be certain the University of Twente’s European Public Administration Bachelor’s programme will give you what you’re looking for? Check the student confessions we’ve put together below on the basis of student surveys. If a good number of them resonate with you, sign up or contact us right away: chances are you’re one of us.

  1. ‘Everyone knows technology is everywhere in today’s world. I see it as far more than just an add-on, or a bunch of gadgets for making life easier or more fun – it is going to change our very notion of what it means to be human. So if I pursue a career in public leadership, management, or consultancy, I want an education in which the profound impact of technology is taken seriously. Technology is our next evolutionary stage.’

  2. ‘I’ve always been interested in how neighbourhoods, communities, cities and societies work – the buttons and levers you can operate to create change and to redesign things to work more effectively for everyone. I’d love to learn more about that.’

  3. ‘Sure I’d enjoy having a great salary, but what I want most is to play a part in tackling the big issues of our time, like energy and sustainability, healthcare, migration or international stability. I’m looking for a Bachelor’s programme that will equip me to do that effectively. Leadership, communication, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology – I’d love to become an expert at all of them in order to make some part of our world a little better.’

  4. ‘I don’t have to become a great reformer like Ghandi or Mandela, but I would sure like to use my talent and motivation for networking, collaborating and engaging with different kinds of people to make the world fairer, cleaner, healthier, and more futureproof. Unexpected connections – say between nano-technologists and the police – get me excited, especially if they lead to real results in areas that matter.’

  5. ‘To me, the best education is education that takes into account who you are – and who you can become – as a person. Sure, you need a lot of knowledge and skills nowadays, especially if you want to help create societal change. But on top of all that, it is about personality. By that I mean knowing what you stand for, your values and beliefs, being able to communicate them – and being skilled in listening to people with other viewpoints and backgrounds. Ultimately, people joining forces with other people will make the difference.’

This is us: what makes European public administration and the UT unique

Many universities offer (English-taught) programmes related to societal management and public administration. Ours is different. And our university is different from others, too. Here’s why.

Our programme…

  • Views technology as a force that is reshaping our relation to work, the planet and life itself, and assumes that you can only contribute effectively to healthy, secure, resilient societies if you understand its force and are able to creatively engage with it
  • Will give you skills in recognizing, analyzing and solving highly complex challenges
  • Will expose you to some of the world’s leading researchers in areas connecting technology and society
  • Uses an educational model focused on equipping you to engage with specific, real-world problems and to find ways of redesigning society in order to overcome them
  • Will offer you internships at some of the world´s top institutions and organizations
  • Is English-taught and highly international, meaning that on graduation your language and cross-cultural skills and experience will open doors for you into almost any international setting 

Our university…

  • Is among the world´s leading technical universities, which means you will be studying on the cutting edge of technological advancement
  • Will give you highly valuable experience in working in teams and across disciplines through our hands-on project-based education, in which you tackle real problems in small teams
  • Has a high international profile, which means you will gain vital skills for working in cross-cultural settings
  • Believes in student-driven learning, which means you get to carve out your own learning path, while our job is to mentor, monitor, coach and instruct you, helping to ensure that you reach your goals

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