European Public Administration

Why European public Administration at the University of Twente?

The programme in European Public Administration at the University of Twente is unique because:

  • it broadens the scope of European Studies with the best of Public Administration;
  • it broadens the scope of Public Administration with the best of European Studies.

This broad focus puts you several steps ahead on the job market. Your wide-ranging knowledge of national and international administration means that you will be well equipped to tackle complex public issues and to develop feasible solutions to social problems.

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There are at least eight key aspects that make our programme stand out from the rest.

1. Wide-ranging and multidisciplinary

The multidisciplinary combination of Public Administration and European Studies makes this wide-ranging programme unique in the world. There are three aspects to this:

  • Europe as the link between local, national, and global governance
    The programme’s subjects help you understand the complex and fascinating settings of modern public governance at global, European and local or national level. A thorough understanding of the integration of all levels of governance is a key asset for future leaders in Europe and in countries all over the world.
  • Combination of government, policy and management
    At the University of Twente we have 40 years of experience in public administration. In public administration you do not just learn to pull the strings of society (policymaking), you learn how to do it effectively (management) and to oversee the consequences this has for how society can be best be governed.
  • Orientation on policy and management
    Our orientation on policy gives you the best preparation for a career in international organizations, governments and consultancy firms that focus on complex societal problems. Furthermore, the programme emphasizes management, strategy, and leadership in which you learn how to operate in complex networks of stakeholders, decision-makers, business leaders and interest organizations.


Technological developments have a major impact on societal problems. That means they also influence public administration. Think, for example, of developments going on in the digital landscape, such as social media platforms and their influence on the privacy of Internet users, safety on the streets, or social inequality.

This is why as an expert in public administration and in all things European, you have to keep in step with the latest technological developments. At the University of Twente you will – and, on top of that, you will learn to use innovative applications and technologies to explain and solve society’s problems.

3. Room for international experience

EPA’s strong international component also makes it special. This is expressed in the fact that the programme is entirely English-taught and in the wide range of nationalities among both students and professors.

You can also combine your studies with an internship at an international organization. These opportunities help you build and strengthen your network in the professional world. You will also have the chance to take elective courses at other universities: in the Netherlands, Germany or further afield – even as far away as high-ranking universities in China!

Would you like to find out where our current students have spent their semester abroad? Take a look at our study abroad page.

4. Plenty of options to choose from

In this programme there are all kinds of options for you to choose from. It is a great way to discover where your interests and abilities lie. Of course, the central focus will be on studying the challenges facing Europe, the world, national societies, and local communities from the perspective of policy and management. Greater opportunities for in-depth study can be found by specializing in European Studies or Public Administration.

The broad expertise of our programme enables you to tap into many different topics: safety, security, migration, innovation, public-private-partnerships, elections, radicalism, decision-making, international conflicts, health, education, sustainability, water management, social work, crisis management, the use of ICT in organizations, air traffic, lobbying, regional development, reforms, leadership, organizational change – and this is only a small sample of the topics available.

5. Project-led approach: discover your strengths

Our project-led education model at UT gives you ample opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in hands-on projects as part of a small group. The great advantage of project-led education is that it allows you to discover your own strengths. Every student works on a different part of a project assignment enabling you to take on different roles; you can be the researcher, the manager or the designer. By trying out these roles for yourself, you can find out which one suits you best!

Simone: “The programme is project-led and I see that as a great advantage. You get to put your newfound knowledge into practice immediately by working together with other students.” Read Simone’s testimonial.

6. The personal touch

The European Public Administration programme has a low student-teacher ratio. You will know all of your fellow students and professors by name. At the University of Twente you can count on excellent personal coaching and a friendly, informal atmosphere among students and staff. We also organize personal tutor groups to help you find your feet during the early years of your academic studies. 

7. High quality

The Bachelor’s programme in European Public Administration has been accredited by the NVAO (the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders) and the EAPAA (the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation). This means that the programme meets all applicable national and international higher-education standards. In other words, European Public Administration is recognized worldwide.

8. Room for excellence

For students who are looking for an even more stimulating programme, we offer various excellence programme options. Our most talented and highly motivated students can enrol in special teams that work on more challenging projects that reflect the absolute pinnacle of research in the field. Students who successfully complete these projects receive a special certificate. There is no better preparation for a promising career!

9. A special place to study


The University of Twente encourages a spirit of enterprise. Motivated and ambitious students have the opportunity to start their own business even before they have completed their studies. In 2013 Twente was awarded the title of most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands.

Yonas Negash is one of these enterprising students. He set up his own business while taking the European Public Administration programme at the University of Twente. Read more about his story as a young entrepreneur.

A great green campus

Twente is the only full-campus university in the Netherlands. Its wonderful green campus has everything you need within walking distance: housing, educational facilities, sports and cultural amenities. There’s always something going on, with a whole range of student associations organizing activities on a regular basis. Take our digital campus tour or watch the campus video:

living in enschede

The University of Twente is located in the beautiful city of Enschede, in the east of the Netherlands. The lively city centre is very popular with students: you are sure to bump into someone you know at one of the many restaurants, cafés or pubs around the market square. Last but by no means least, finding affordable accommodation is much easier in Enschede than in other university cities.


Read more about the study programme, the specializations in European Studies and Public Administration, or your options after the Bachelor’s in European Public Administration.

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