Student's experience

Daniel Felix, second-year student

Hello, I’m Daniel Felix Heritono from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I’m 19 years old. After finishing high school in 2013, I started my Bachelor’s in Advanced Technology at the University of Twente.

Comparing the University of Twente with the three other technical universities in the Netherlands, the University of Twente is relatively young and still developing. This situation gives students many opportunities to also develop themselves. Another important characteristic of the University of Twente is its huge campus. You can literally find everything on campus, like housing, a supermarket, sports facilities, barbershop. It’s a really nice place to stay.

What I like about Advanced Technology is that it gives me the freedom to choose my Master’s degree. I like to study science, especially engineering, but until now I don’t really know which specific engineering degree I would like to take after finishing my Bachelor’s programme. That’s why I chose Advanced Technology: it gives you a broad view of different engineering fields before you have to choose a specific field for your Master’s degree. Besides this, Advanced Technology is one of few engineering courses that is taught in English in the Netherlands. This creates an international atmosphere, that helps me make friends from all over the world, and build a good network.

I like the idea of Advanced Technology itself as a unique and multidisciplinary engineering program. It allows us to know a lot of things in a really broad field of study. In this unique program, you can choose to develop yourself in the direction you want to. It’s good to know a little bit about every field of study before focusing on one specific field of study in your Master’s programme.

I spend most of my week studying. I try to attend each lecture and seminar even if it isn’t mandatory. Our timetable is quite full, usually lectures start at 8.45 AM and finish around 5 PM. I always spend some time when I get home to refresh my mind, at least by playing some computer games for a while or by just cooking a proper dinner. But there is usually something more to do in the evening to prepare for the next day. In the weekend, I usually do groceries and refill my fridge for another week. I also try to contact my family and friends at my home town. Sometimes we also need to use our weekend time for our study just to finish projects or prepare for a test. Regardless how busy it is, there is always time to have fun with friends and play some games!

Enschede is really a student city. It’s not too big but full of students from the universities. Personally, I only go to the city when I want to go out and party, the rest of my time is pretty much spent on campus. The campus provides a lot of amusement such as sports, arts, and culture associations that you can join to enjoy your free time. Astatine as Advanced Technology’s study association also provides a lot of opportunities to join a committee and make friends. They also arrange events which you can join to have some fun together.

In my free time, I also play futsal with some fellow students of Advanced Technology regularly. Playing games and having some barbeque with my  flatmates also help me to refresh my mind! I also joined an Indonesian Students Association just to spend some time together and to feel like back home in Indonesia.

One of the most important things about studying in Netherlands is, that you don’t have to learn Dutch. Everybody can speak English and you won’t encounter any difficulty living here without learning Dutch. Of course, it’s obviously better to learn some Dutch, but with the tight schedule from studying, sometimes it just seems impossible to follow a language course as well. The University of Twente has a really international climate and it really helps international students like me to feel at home.

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