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Online Open Days on 11, 12 & 13 March

Whether you are a prospective or postgraduate student or a professional who wants to continuously grow professionally and personally.

The University of Twente offers a wide range of programmes from pre-university programmes to in-company training sessions and from summer school to part-time master's. Are you interested in fields as technical medicine, robotics, IT, business & public policy, chemistry and engineering science, earth observation, natural or social sciences? Are you looking for the perfect bachelor's or master's, or a professional looking for an educational partner for part-time courses? Discover our full-time, part-time and one-time education programmes. 

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Studying during the corona situation

The coronavirus (COVID-19) leads to questions about the consequences for your education at UT. Find answers or contact us if your question is not there.

  • What will your education look like from 1 September onwards?

    Since the end of August, we opened up the campus facilities again for education and research for the academic year 2020-2021. We will provide as much contact time as is possible within Covid-19 government guidelines. Rule of thumb is that practicals, examinations and classes in which personal contact and direct interaction are indispensable, will be offered on campus as often as possible.

    In this video message, University of Twente president Victor van der Chijs shares our views on education in the study year (2020-2021). 

    For first-year students

    Education activities for new first-year students will be high on the list of priorities, as we believe that a warm and personal welcome is essential for the proper start of your academic career. At this stage, it appears that we are able to resume a substantial number of activities on campus. When certain programme components are not possible to be taught physically, online versions are offered. Some study programmes may offer both physical and online versions of their classes. In order to support students who are unable to participate on campus due to Covid-19 related circumstances in their country or region, we put effort to offer online alternatives if required.

     Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Transition from bachelor's to master's

    If you wish to follow a UT master's after your (UT) bachelor's, other conditions may apply in corona time. Read here about what it means for your situation. Or contact us to personally speak to you.

  • Further questions and answers

    Here you can read information about internships and assignments, graduation, rules and regulations, study delay, etc.

Info in your own language

Most of our online information is available in English and Dutch. You can read up on our bachelor’s in German, too. There is also basic information for students from various other countries. Check out the country pages for information in your native language.

If you have any study related questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our vision on education

Our view of the world, in which you work or will work later on, has led us to a unique vision on education - and on the kind of scientists, engineers, and professionals our future will need. We are facing challenges that are more complex than any mankind has faced before. Solving those problems calls for creative, cross-disciplinary thinking - which is why we combine technology and engineering with behavioural and social sciences. No matter which programme, training or course you follow, we strongly encourage you to cross boundaries, connect disciplines.