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Alarmnumber (053-489) 2222

The UT alarm number is 2222. If you use a mobile phone, call 053 489 2222.

In case of fire

Accident / acute urgent help

Other emergencies

Dial (053-489)2222 in the situations below:

Notification in case of a large-scale calamity

No emergency?

Crisis plans

The Human Resources Department has drawn up a UT-wide crisis plan for large-scale calamities, such as a fire, an explosion or a bacterial infection, which is in line with the City of Enschede emergency plan. Because communication is very important during a crisis, the Marketing & Communication department (MC) has drawn up a dedicated crisis communication plan. The plans are continuously updated and acted out in practice runs. If you have questions about the UT-wide crisis plan, please refer to the Health, Safety & Environment Department (VGM) of the Directorate for Human Resources. If you have questions about the MC crisis communication plan, please refer to the MC Crisis Communication Adviser.