The university has a wide range of teaching spaces. Large or small, spaces with flexible seating formats, rooms specifically intended for exams, lecture theatres and so on. The teaching space administrators of Facilities Services provide support for users of these spaces so that their activities run as smoothly as possible. This includes things like tidiness and cleanliness in the rooms and halls, arranging the furniture, dealing with equipment faults, putting presentations on the computer and replenishing supplies such as pens, etc. 
Unless stated otherwise, this is the software used in the lecture halls.

In order to make using the teaching spaces as pleasant as possible for everyone, it’s important that users leave the rooms in a clean and tidy condition:

  • Would you like a different furniture arrangement? That’s no problem of course, but please return the furniture to the standard arrangement when you’ve finished.
  • Please return all the used materials (board wipers, chalks, whiteboard markers, waste bins etc.) to their designated places when you’ve finished.
  • Please throw away your waste.
  • Eating and drinking is not permitted in the teaching spaces.

Is something not working properly? Then please inform the Service Desk of your building as soon as possible.