Minor reparations

The Campus & Facility Management department has contracts with a number of suppliers (contractors) for carrying out (more) extensive repairs and maintenance. As far as possible, small repairs will be carried out by Internal Service.

 Examples of small repairs are: 

  • Repairing locks
  • Changing locks
  • Repairing doors that do not close properly
  • Repairing windows that do not close properly
  • Replacing faulty lighting,
  • etc.

How to order

If you notice any defects in the building, please contact the Service Desk of your building. They will decide whether the repair can be carried out by Internal Service, or whether a contractor will need to be hired.

Delivery time

Internal Service will consult with you when the repair will be carried out.


Small repairs by Internal Service are part of the defined service and no costs will be charged. The work will involve costs if the assistance of a contractor is required.


The responsibility for odd jobs lies with Internal Service.


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