When working or studying from home, you might need to use video conferencing tools. On this page, you can see what you need to consider when using those tools and what tools can be used.

Recording lectures

 In case you wish to record lectures, please consider the following:

  •  Is it necessary to record lectures and to record images of students and teachers? When recording lectures, no images/sound/other personal data of student may be recorded, unless this is necessary. In case this is necessary, students must be clearly informed prior to the recording. Students must also be informed about the retention period of the recording. Furthermore, students must be made aware when recording starts;
    • For regular lectures and workgroups it is in principle not necessary to record images/sound/other personal data of students. Do you think it is necessary to record any of these data? Please contact het CES PCP or the DPO.
  • Use the permitted tools. See list below;
  • Use default settings of the tools as much as possible to make sure the impact on the privacy of data subjects is as low as possible;
  • Recordings must be saved in a secure environment and they must be deleted after the retention period. Recordings including images/sound/other personal data of students must be deleted from BigBlueButton directly after recording. They must be saved in another environment.

Tools that can be used

Please visit this website for possibilities for online lectures.

Additionally, for other meetings, you can safely use the following video conferencing tools with your UT account:

  • Microsoft Teams;
  • Google Meet (for students and employees with a G Suite account; streaming, recording and CC are now available);
  • Zoom;
  • BigBlueButton (recordings must be deleted from BigBlueButton directly after recording. They will be saved in another environment.)

New tools

Do you want to use other tools? Ask TELT about the possibilities. Perhaps other tools, already in use within the UT, can be used for the same purpose. If not, TELT can investigate whether the new tool might be an addition for the UT. In case personal data will be involved, TELT will also ask the data protection officer and security manager to review the tool’s privacy and security measures. In case a positive advice will follow, TELT might start a pilot. In the event of a negative advice, the tool will be considered unsuitable for the UT.

Tools that cannot be used

You cannot use other tools than mentioned above without permission. Some tools have already received advice on the basis of which use is not permitted within the UT.


The UT considers Discord not suitable to use due to privacy and security implications. Using Discord has a number of consequences for privacy and security, such as:

  • Discord collects a lot of personal data (such as VOIP data, content of what is sent through chats, IP address and activity);
  • Personal data is sold to third parties;
  • Personal data will also be used for other (marketing) purposes;
  • Discord does not offer standard end-to-end encryption.