Accessibility statement

This accessibility statement was drawn up on 23-11-2018.

The University of Twente wants to fully meet the accessibility requirements set by at AA level. Meeting this standard makes our website more user-friendly and more accessible to a range of target groups.

This statement applies to the website(s):

The following URLs are excluded from this statement:

  • * (excluded: (internal) systems, the websites of associations and foundations for which the University of Twente is not directly responsible).

This statement only applies for documents published in 2015 and later, as these requirements do not apply for older documents.

Approach to promoting the accessibility of our website

We have taken the following measures to promote compliance with accessibility requirements:

  • Software: Our editors use special software (e.g. the Accessibility Assistant) to make information (text, image, video) more accessible.
    • Explanation: Software that makes the most frequently used Office files accessible.
  • Staff training: Our editors have taken training courses on accessibility.
    • Explanation: Users are encouraged to take a course which deals with digital accessibility.
  • Other measures: 
    • Web system administrators are approached proactively if the information on their websites does not meet the DigiToegankelijk standards of accessibility.
    • A feedback system on the website enables users to indicate problems easily and anonymously.
    • The system requires website administrators to enter information in certain locations with a view to promoting DigiToegankelijk standards of accessibility (e.g. alternative text for photos, in the main body of text).
    • Proactive approach to clearing up (obsolete) webpages and documents.

Additional explanatory notes

The University of Twente is aware of the importance of an easily accessible website. As an organization with over 1000 website administrators and at least as many websites, meeting each and every accessibility requirement is a major challenge. System owners keep track of accessibility and advise where possible, but accept that 100% control is simply not feasible despite all their best efforts.

Problems with the accessibility of this website?

If, despite the measures we have already taken, you experience an accessibility problem on our website, please let us know at We can make documents accessible on request.

If you are the administrator of a University of Twente website, read our page on standards and agreements on accessibility.