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european studies

The one-year Master’s in European Studies is an internationally oriented programme and is taught entirely in English. You can start in September and February. Read more about the Master's programme, pre-master's programme and admission. You can also find more information about career perspectives. Read the testimonial of students from European Studies.

Managing Europe is a complex challenge. The master’s in European Studies gives you the expertise to operate in this fascinating environment where various levels of government come together.

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Studying interactions in a national and European context

It’s not just Brussels that needs experts who understand this environment. In national governments, private firms, the non-profit sector and NGOs, there is high demand for professionals with the right knowledge, insights and skills. You can achieve this status by studying the interactions between national and European bodies, their effects and the ideas behind these processes.

Strong focus on public administration and policy

You can opt for the excellent one-year European Studies master’s programme, which has a stronger focus on public administration and policy than most language-based European Studies programmes. It’s an ideal preparation for a world where EU bodies face the task of finding a balance between technological advances and human values: from GSM roaming and permits for nanotechnology to internet privacy.

Possibility for a double degree programme

But your options don’t stop there. You can also take a unique 18-month degree programme offered jointly by the University of Twente and the Institute for Political Science at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, leading to a double Dutch-German degree.


This programme has no specializations. 

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GREat green CAMPUS

The wonderful, green campus of University of Twente, the only campus university site in the Netherlands, has everything you need within walking distance: housing accommodations, faculties, sports, and cultural facilities. Many student associations offer lots of activities. Importantly, finding an affordable housing accommodation is much easier in Twente than in other university cities. And, finally, the lively city center of Enschede is highly popular among students: you will always meet some friends in one of the many restaurants, café’s, or terraces around Market Square.

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European Studies
November 19, 2014
Open day

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