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bachelor's programme European Public Administration

European Studies and Public administration at the university of twente 

This English-taught programme combines European Studies and Public Administration to help you study the causes of and solutions to complex problems on a local, national, European and global level.

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Please refer to the website of the MSc European Studies programme at the University of Twente.

What is European Public Administration?

European Public Administration is one of the social sciences. It examines the ways in which national and international governments solve major problems in society with the help of the business community and social organizations.

For example issues that include terrorism, global security, inequality, unemployment, global warming and the depletion of natural resources. These diverse problems have one thing in common: they manifest themselves at all levels of society, from local communities through individual regions and countries to the European and global arena. Religious radicalism is a good example. Its roots often lie in particular neighbourhoods of European cities only to emerge in an international setting, such as the conflict in Syria. Such issues need to be addressed by city authorities, national governments, the European Union and international leaders.

At the University of Twente we combine European Studies with Public Administration to help you engage with the causes of these complex problems and their solutions. You will adopt a broad and integrated perspective in which Europe serves as a crucial link between the local, the national and the global level. In your second year, you will have the opportunity to specialize in:

European Public Administration: Public Administration and European Studies

The difference between studying European Public Administration as opposed to studying Public Administration or European Studies at another university is the variety of perspectives on offer. Our focus goes beyond government and the corporate sector within a particular country and is not confined to European and international politics.

Since European governance is an important link between European countries and the rest of the world, we believe it is important to have a thorough knowledge of regional and national governments on the one hand and European and international politics on the other hand. European Public Administration is the only programme in Europe that combines the fields of Public Administration and European Studies.

Why study European Public Administration at the University of Twente?

  • If you have wide-ranging interests in politics, public administration, sociology, economics or law, we give you the opportunity to specialize in the area that appeals to you most as you progress through the programme.
  • You get to study government policy from a local, national, European and international perspective.
  • You will focus on organization, policy, leadership, strategy, vision and management in a public-sector and governmental context.
  • You will participate in project teams and collaborate with your fellow students on the real-life issues that our society faces.
  • You will have plenty of opportunity to gain practical experience by completing an internship.
  • EPA gives you a broad foundation with opportunities to specialize in Public Administration or European Studies.
  • You will be immersed in a programme that is taught entirely in English, so your English-language skills will improve in leaps and bounds.
  • The programme has an international focus: you will be working with students and professors with a range of different nationalities.
  • The programme features a low student-teacher ratio and an informal atmosphere, with outstanding supervision and guidance.

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Graduate opportunities as an expert in Public Administration or Europe

A Bachelor’s degree in EPA from the University of Twente gives you plenty of advantages in the job market:

  • Your national and international knowledge means you know more about how to tackle the major, complex challenges that society, government and the business world are facing.
  • The freedom of choice offered by the programme gives you a whole range of professional prospects. The combination of a broad-based, solid foundation and opportunities to pursue your interests provides you with an outstanding preparation for a follow-up Master’s programme.
  • Our international project-led education means you are able to cooperate effectively with people from a variety of cultures and international backgrounds.
  • Your experience of international project-led education and internships during the programme equips you with a wealth of invaluable practical insights.

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Are you keen to know more about the European Public Administration programme at the University of Twente? Take a look at our study programme, admission requirements and your career prospects as an EPA graduate. Feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have.


European Public Administration
Honours programme
3 yrs
EN 100%
Starting date
1 September 2015
1 September 2016
Bachelor’s degree in European Public Administration
Part-time programme available
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
20 & 21 November 2015
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