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Design, research and organize - these are the characteristics of education at Twente. Entrepreneurship comes as second nature to us, and is a theme that unifies all our educational activities. Studying at the University of Twente means developing your entrepreneurial spirit, thinking internationally and working beyond the boundaries of your specialization. You will be trained to be a professional - someone who can develop valuable knowledge and is able to find practical applications for that knowledge.


The University of Twente is the university for entrepreneurs. That means that we expect our students to be enquiring and enterprising. We expect them to make knowledge their own, and to look beyond their own specialist field and beyond national boundaries. We provide multidisciplinary education and encourage our students to take an international perspective. Studying at the University of Twente means being active in education and research groups and learning from one another. Teachers must inspire and arouse genuine interest and affection for their subject. Learning from each other can take place outside the curriculum, too - for example in one of the university's many student businesses or associations. Studying is spiritually enriching and, as such, promotes social progress. That is what the University of Twente stands for, and insists on. Teaching at the University of Twente takes place in the various faculties. Each faculty has its own website and its own research priorities, of which you can see an overview here.