My name is Maggie and I am an exchange student from Hong Kong. I am now studying Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente.

Hong Kong is an international city, which has a mixed culture with China and western countries. Under this atmosphere, I am interested in western countries’ culture and also like to share my home town culture to others. This is the main reason why I came here to be an exchange student and I am learning so much about this country. When I first considered which country I wanted to stay, I thought about the Netherlands. My first priority was the Netherlands, because the living environment is very different compared to Hong Kong. This country is very environmental friendly and most of the people ride on a bicycle as their transport. I came to the UT to study because my home university has a partner relationship with the UT and the subjects that UT offers are relevant to my major in my home university. Besides, I was attracted by the UT modern campus. The campus environment is really comfortable; the facilities are very good. Whenever we need a space to do our projects, it is always easy to find a place where we can work together.

I am now studying at the UT for a semester. I came here at the end of August and will leave in the beginning of February. After being here for four months, I love it here more than I thought. During this exchange period, I joined different activities and went to different places to know more about Netherlands, such as joining the celebration of Santa-Claus in December and went to Deventer to see Dickens Festival. Furthermore my classmates are very friendly, which let me feel very comfortable to study at the UT.  

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