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Publishing Open Access has many advantages for you as a researcher, and is strongly encouraged by the University of Twente. Detailed information about Open Access can be found on the Open Access page. Below you will find concise advice on Open Access with regard to selecting a journals and discount on publication fees. 

  • Selecting an journal for Open Access publication

    To make it easier for you to find a journal in which you can publish Open Access, and that fits your subject field and budgetary limitations, the University of Twente offers the UT Journal Browser (direct access). This database allows you to search for high-quality journals, and provides you with information about discounts for authors affiliated to the University of Twente. Another option for finding Open Access journals is the Directory of Open Access Journals (direct access).     

  • Publishing Open Access at reduced costs 

    Thanks to national agreements between the Dutch universities (VSNU) and publishers, corresponding UT authors can publish Open Access at a 100% discount in almost 10.000 high-quality journals. Currently, the University of Twente does not have a central fund to cover Open Access publication fees. When you work with co-writers from other universities,  always check if it is possible to apply for a fund at affiliated institutes. Be aware that to receive a funding for Open Access publication fees, it is always the corresponding author should apply for this funding!

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