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Last edit: 17 Nov 2023

At the University of Twente, we have more than one hundred nationalities of employees and students who form a diverse and close-knit academic community. Over the years, fifty-eight thousand alumni have fanned out globally. As an international university, we are part of a global society. With that, events elsewhere also affect us and our people.

Our people are part of a major, thriving and open ecosystem, in which we connect across geographical and other boundaries, guided by shared standards of excellence and responsibility.

Shaping 2030, University of Twente's strategy for the future

Standing up against war and violence worldwide

Since March 2022, the international peace flag hangs prominently at the University of Twente campus entrance. We raise this flag as a gesture against war and violence. War inflicts immeasurable suffering, devastates communities, and hinders progress. A peaceful world is a shared aspiration that transcends borders, and we must tirelessly strive for diplomatic solutions and cooperation to prevent the horrors of war.

Standing up against any war or violence is necessary. All too often, we are confronted with aggression, war, and violence somewhere in the world. As a diverse and international community, these affect us in particular. These situations come close because they affect our staff, students, and others within our community directly or indirectly. For example, because they come from an area with excessive violence, terrorism and war, or they have family and friends there. But we also work with governments, educational institutions, other organisations and companies worldwide.

At the university, we do our very best to ensure that the university is a place where the safety of each individual is not harmed in any way. We do this by creating an open and diverse culture where everyone respects each other. A culture where every individual is allowed to be heard and seen. In which everyone is guaranteed fair treatment and where there is room for critical and constructive discussions. And where there is room to express your emotions.

International peace flag

Need for help

In the interests of the welfare of our staff and students, in situations where they have been affected in some way by events elsewhere in the world, whether it is war and violence, a natural disaster or any other situation, we offer support to the best of our ability. For that, students can contact their study advisor. Employees can indicate their needs to their manager.

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