Study abroad (for UT students)

UT offers enriching international experiences for current students seeking to study abroad.

The easiest way for current UT students to study abroad is by participating in an exchange programme. This means you will go to a university that has a cooperation agreement with UT. The two largest advantages are not paying tuition fees at a foreign university and taking courses abroad that count towards your degree at UT.

Partner universities

You can find all destinations for a semester abroad on Mobility-Online's Exchange partners. You can search on your study field or desired host country. Per destination, you can find more details on all study fields involved, the number of semester places available, etc. This information is listed in a so-called ‘Agreement’. For more information on the partner institutions themselves, contact your Faculty Exchange Coordinator. Their details are listed below (under ‘Contact’).

Note that for a small selection of partner institutions, an extra selection round is applicable (so-called ‘IRP partner institutions’). Additional details about those partner institutions can be found in the list below.

  • IRP partner institutions




    RMIT University

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • GPA requirement: cumulative GPA of 2.0 out of 4 point scale
    • Available campuses: Melbourne (Australia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
    • Not available for Spring 2025

    University of Melbourne

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • ET, S&T, EEMCS students only 
    • Academic requirement: 'C' average in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) or higher

    University of New South Wales

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • GPA requirement: equivalent to either a credit average or 3.0 GPA on 4.0 scale
    • Not available for Spring 2025

    University of South Australia 

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • A mandatory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to support services of a non-academic nature is payable. Fees are charged per semester dependent on the number of courses studied.
    • Not available for Spring 2025 


    Hong Kong Polytechnic University


    • GPA requirements: equivalent to 2.7 GPA on 4.0 scale
    • In order to complete the online application, students have to pay a non-refundable administrative fee of HK$550.
    • Not available for Spring 2025


    Universitas Indonesia  

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • GPA requirement: equivalent to 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
    • Not available for Spring 2025

    Institut Teknologi Bandung

    Undergraduate Graduate


    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • BMS, EEMCS, ET, S&T only


    Nagoya University

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • GPA requirement: equivalent to 3.0 GPA on 4.0 scale
    • Not available for Spring 2025

    Saitama University 

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • GPA requirement: equivalent to 2.4 GPA or above on 4.0 scale

    Tohoku University

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • ET, BMS, EEMCS, ATLAS students only
    • For IPLA Program limited seats available


    Tecnológico de Monterrey


    • Campuses available: Monterrey, Querétaro, Guadalajara

    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • GPA requirement to apply: 7 out of 10 (certain faculties have higher GPA requirements)
    • Official Spanish Language Certificate (DELE or SIELE), equivalent to Level B2 of European Framework of Reference for Languages (applies for students whose native language is not Spanish) required when following courses in Spanish
    • Minimum credit advance of 44%, students must have completed the credits and completed at least two years of studies at the time of their application


    University of the Andes


    • EEMCS, ET & S&T only
    • Have a Spanish a B1 certificate in order to take classes in Spanish, or an English B2 certificate and an A2 Spanish certificate if you are taking classes in English.


    Hanyang University

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • Campuses available: Erica, Seoul (specific number of seats are available per campus)
    • Undergraduate programme only
    • GPA requirement: CGPA of minimum
    • 60% School of Business cannot guarantee seats


    Undergraduate Graduate

    • ET, S&T, EEMCS, ATLAS students only
    • GPA requirement: equivalent to 3.0 GPA on 4.3 scale
    • Not available for Spring 2025

    Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • GPA requirement: equivalent to 3.0 GPA on 4.3 scale
    • Only 1 student to be nominated to CSE department per university


    National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

    Undergraduate Graduate

    • College of Management is limited to “Final-year undergraduate students or graduate students”.     
    • Most English-taught courses are offered in graduate level.                                   
    • GPA requirements: differ per College/Institute, see here.


    New Jersey Institute of Technology


    • Advanced Technology, Chemical Science & Engineering, Creative Technology, Computer Science, and UCT/ATLAS only


    Always consult your faculty contact person first on how to be nominated for a non-EU partner intitution before the faculty-deadlines below. Each faculty has its own deadline for applications.
    For most partner institutions: if the number of applications for a partner institution is larger than the number of places available there will be a random draw.

    • Deadline for start in Fall semester: 24 January
    • Deadline for start in Spring semester: 24 August

    Please note: If you intend to go abroad for the Spring semester, we recommend to apply as soon as possible. You may already apply for the Spring semester before the Fall semester deadline (February).

    Please note: Be mindful that in addition to eligibility requirements from host universities, during the application phase they may request additional supporting documents before the application deadline (e.g. academic transcript, academic reference letter, health documents such as a TB clearance, proof of additional insurance etc.)

Interested in studying abroad? Join us at the Let's GO! Study Abroad Fair to find out more.

UT students who will study abroad have to register via Mobility-Online

More information about studying abroad

  • General Conditions
    • You are generally required to have completed the first-year subjects of your bachelor programme.
    • Take time to prepare. Preparations for studying abroad may take nine to twelve months, so start your orientation as soon as possible.
    • Contact your faculty contact person who is in charge of internationalization regarding course-specific matters; see below for contact details.
    • Draft a Learning Agreement with the help of your faculty contact person and have it approved by your faculty examination board. This way, you are sure EC’s obtained abroad will count towards your degree here.
    • The specific conditions for studying at a foreign partner university differ per study programme. Visit the Study Abroad Canvas page of your faculty; see below for the links to the Canvas pages. And your faculty contact person for more information, see below for contact details.
    • Travelling is only allowed in safe countries. Please check this link for more info.
  • Courses Abroad (30 EC)

    Do you want to ... broaden your horizon? Have an unforgettable experience? Live in a country abroad and learn about its culture and language?

    Living and studying abroad can be a very rewarding experience. It is an incredible opportunity to meet other like-minded students in your programme. Also, it enables you to look at yourself, your world, and your studies from a different perspective. You are able to gain invaluable life skills and change and grow as a person. Moreover, studying abroad sets you ahead of your peers in terms of your current and future position in our globalizing world.

    The easiest way to study abroad is by participating in an exchange programme. This means you will go to a university that has a cooperation agreement with the UT. The two largest advantages are not paying tuition fees at the foreign university and taking courses abroad that count towards your degree at the UT.

    Typically this is a full semester abroad. During this semester you will be enrolled as an exchange student at a partner university of the UT. Because of special agreements we have with a number of universities, you can take classes free of tuition charges. In each BSc programme, the so-called minor space (modules 9 & 10) can be used to spend a semester abroad. Approval of the list of subjects needs to be given by the student adviser. Following courses abroad, during your, MSc programme might be possible as well. In this case, approval needs to be given by the Head of your Research chair and/or the Examination Board.

  • Timeline

    If you want to go abroad you have to arrange a lot of things. Make sure that this fits within your personal study plan. You can always discuss your study plan with your study adviser or track coordinator. To give you a rough overview of the steps you have to take, a timeline is provided in this section. Note that this timeline is a guideline, the information provided gives no guarantees.



    preparation to arrival

    pack your bags

    while abroad

    returning home

    12-9 months in advance

    9-3 months 
    in advance

    3-1 months
    in advance

    1-0 months
    in advance

    0-12 months

    0-1 months


    12 – 9 months in advance

    In the pre-application phase, you can orientate yourself on all the possibilities you have. Register for (and read the information in) the Canvas site, talk with students who have been abroad and/or students from abroad who are currently visiting the UT, go to events, join Facebook groups, etc.


    8 – 3 months in advance

    After you have decided that you want to go abroad and what you want to do abroad, the next step is to register in Mobility-Online. Make sure that you register for the right activity and academic year! After registration of the activity, you will be able to log in to continue with and monitor the status of your application for this activity.

    General deadline for applications:

    • Deadline for start in Fall semester: 24 January
    • Deadline for start in Spring semester: 24 August


    3 – 1 months in advance

    After you have applied successfully and you have permission to 'go-ahead', you will need to arrange some practical matters for your study abroad. Think of arranging transport for your journey, health/travel/... insurance, accommodation, vaccinations, etc. 

    Make sure that you will have enough time to arrange the paperwork which is part of the application procedure. 


    1 – 0 months in advance

    It is time to pack your bags!


    You are obliged to let the UT know that you arrived safely and started your time abroad by filling in your foreign address and return date in Mobility-Online!


    For information about what to do upon return, check the section about what to do after your stay abroad and the Canvas page of your faculty, see below. And perhaps you would like to help others getting such a great time as you’ve had? In that case, register as a Buddy at the University of Twente!

  • Contact
    • Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences
      J.H. Stout MSc (Jaap)
      Exchange Coordinator | BMS
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Sciences
      J. Rijken (Jitske)
      Exchange Coordinator | EEMCS
    • Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
      G.F.B. Leurink (Brigitte)
      Exchange and Internationalization officer
    • Faculty of Engineering Technology
      T. Smits (Tahnee)
      Exchange Coordinator | ET
    • Faculty of Science and Technology
      S. Kotter MA (Sarah)
      Exchange Coordinator, Faculty of Science and Technology