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Partners and collaboration

Introduction UT Country Coordinators

We are an international, collaborative and entrepreneurial university, where experimenting, pioneering and risk-taking are actively encouraged. The world around us offers numerous opportunities, where national borders may not impede our strive for excellence in education, research and knowledge transfer activities.

Country-specific Knowledge and Expertise

Internationalization, international collaboration and partnerships are key priorities for the University of Twente, which requires best practices and the available knowledge and expertise to be shared within and outside the university. UT country coordinators have been assigned to bridge the knowledge gap for a number of selected countries and international strategic partner universities (ISP), and create synergies within the UT and strategic value in our collaboration with international partners.

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Overview Country Coordinators

The following country coordinators and contact persons have been appointed:

The overall coordination for the country coordination is provided by the Department for Strategy & Policy. The country coordinators are accommodated within the Strategy & Policy Department on a part-time basis and will primarily service UT staff. Travel services (hotel and flight bookings) can be arranged by the UT travel unit.

Turning Strategy into Performance

The country coordinators are also responsible for developing country action plans. More information about the country plans and other country-specific information will be made available on the country information pages and during different country-specific meetings. Marketing-specific plans can be obtained from the Department for Marketing and Communication.

The country coordinators will set up country expert groups and informal country networks consisting of UT colleagues with valuable country expertise to facilitate collaboration with the UT strategic partner universities and other relevant partners in the selected countries. These comprehensive country networks will make their knowledge and expertise available to other UT colleagues and provide strategic advice to the UT board and faculties.

Main aim and tasks of expert groups: