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Partners & Collaboration overview

Collaboration is the motto of the University of Twente. 

This is not just the case on campus, but outside of it as well. The University of Twente (UT) is closely collaborating with other universities, companies and regional, national and, of course, international governments. UT keeps in close contact with her alumni and initiates - and is actively involved in - networks that focus on innovation and social progress.

Education and research consortia

The two largest university collaboration projects are the 4TU Federation (former 3TU.Federation), the collaboration project between the University of Twente, the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and starting 2016 also Wageningen University, and the ECIU, a European collaboration project by innovative universities. Together we combine our knowledge in the field of education, research and valorization in order to increase our innovative strength and use it to contribute to enhancing the position of the Dutch and European knowledge economy.  

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

The University of Twente has access to the official Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) under the Erasmus+ programme for higher education institutions. Through this Charter, the University of Twente is entitled to Erasmus+ budgets set by the European Commission for e.g. student and staff exchanges and major research projects.

International strategic partnerships

We have a worldwide network at our disposal with regards to internships and exchange positions for our students. In addition, UT carefully selected specific International Strategic Partners in order stimulate synergetic collaboration to improve the quality of research and education at UT.

Get in touch

Interested in using our research facilities, collaborating with our talented students and researchers or taking a start-up further? Contact Strategic Business Development:

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Furthering knowledge

A third core task for universities, alongside education and research, is knowledge transfer. At UT, developed knowledge is effectively converted into economic industriousness. Our student businesses will become the spin-off companies of tomorrow. As an entrepreneurial university, we, therefore, consider it to be vitally important that entrepreneurship is promoted and supported at every level. Our activities related to entrepreneurship are mainly centred on Novel-T.

Through the Twente Academy we organise a large range of activities for secondary schools, and our researchers regularly participate in topical social discussions. UT's new Design Lab is an international work and meeting space where researchers, students, entrepreneurs, business developers, governments and artists together work towards creative out-of-the-box applications of new technologies.