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Within our university there are various media you can use to communicate a message for a general or a specific target group. In order to help you find the right medium quickly we have categorised the media we have on the page Submit news. When it's regarding a hign impact message you can contact a communication officer of MC to advise you in an effective communication mix

Please find below an overview of the communication channels of Marketing & Communications.

On campus

  • LED screens

    At the moment we have one LED screen on campus available to promote events at the Boulevard at the Vrijhof building. This screen is managed by the Student Union. For requests see the Student Union website.

  • Screens in buildings (narrowcasting)

    A number of buildings at UT have screens on which information (news, announcements, events etc.) can be projected for residents and guests of the building concerned. Management of these screens is not centralised, but the responsibility of the organisational unit within that building or location.

    You can ask a communication advisor of MC for advice on whether the screen is suitable for your message. The delivery of powerpoint slides is centralised through a web form for all buildings. 

    The submission page also contains the manual for system admins of the Appspace narrowcasting system.

    The screens in the buildings are one of the means of communication that can be used to communicate with employees and guests to the buildings. In the category Submit news and events you will find the possibilities per target group.

  • Posters in UT buildings

    Marketing & Communication can support you with various options when you want to announce an event or message on campus. One of these options is having posters printed. For example: research posters, promotional posters or informational posters. The MC Traffic department can advise you on the layout and has the equipment to print these for you.

    PLEASE NOTE! The posters may only be posted in the places intended for this purpose. Contact the Service Desk of the respective building to hang up your posters.

    Poster frame Spiegel building:

  • Pasting posters on campus

    We would like to keep our beautiful UT campus tidy and prevent every furnishing on the grounds, from lantern posts to rubbish bins, being covered with posters and stickers. 

    We therefore have an active policy in place in respect of unauthorised flyposting.

  • Outdoor banner Spiegel building

    Due to maintance activities at the Spiegel facade the Outdoor banner cannot be used at the moment.

    The Spiegel outdoor banner is primarily intended for corporate and marketing messages at UT level. Examples of messages: Open Days, the Open House and the U-meet.

    Spiegel outdoor banner:

  • Outdoor information resources

    Target group

    Bachelor & Master


    Orientation, informing about and enthuse for studies and the University of Twente

    When you want to promote your educational programme, please contact the marketing advisor of your faculty.



    Banner Spiegel building

  • Physical promotional activities

    If you would like to do a promotional activity on campus, for instance at the O&O square, please send your request to the Events Office ( More information about how to request a promotional activity can be found under the heading Promotional activities.


  • Employee news and student news

    More information about the portals can be found below at 'submit news'.

  • UT wide mass mail

    As an addition to our employee news on the Service Portal it is possible, in specific cases, to reach all students and/or staff at once via a UT-wide mass email.  To ensure that we don't use it too often and we keep using the employee news on the Service Portal for general nice to know information Guidelines and sending criteria were drawn up for this purpose.

    Sending messages through a UT-wide mass email will only be done if it concerns:

    Crisis and/or risk communication (disasters, safety risks and health risks)

    • Managerial information

    • Invitations to corporate UT events where the entire UT populace is invited.

    Human Resources information important to all UT staff.

    Announcements of (changed) regulations important to the entire UT populace

    For instance, FB/Procurement - NS Business Card, travel costs reimbursement).

    Digital questionnaire of research intended to improve the quality of service and/or working conditions at the UT (for instance Staff Research UT, FB).

    If you want to send out a UT-wide mass email you send a request to M&C via the Traffic order form or consult your communication officer of your unit or faculty. 

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

    There is a separate social media website available with information about UT's social media usage, including a social directory, strategy and guidelines and webcare. Furthermore, this page contains overviews of UT hashtags, best practices and useful downloads.


    Need help with social media or do you have some great content to share: contact the team, visit our support page or submit content right away.

    Submit content  

  • Campus app

    The Campus app was created for everyone on campus. The app can guide you to appointments, the nearest parking spots or other interesting locations on campus. Additionally, the Campus app can be used to stay up-to-date about interesting events taking place on campus and getting in touch with other campus visitors through the message board.

    Submit events: register your event via this web form.

    Submit messages: post a message on the message board in the campus app (download the app)

Submit news and events 

News and events for students
News and events for employees
News and events for external people 
News and events for alumni

UT House style 

We find it important that when you communicate on behalf of UT, you are supported by various means in the UT house style. Therefor we gathered the  information on the various means for presenting your messages in buildings and on campus on the house style page

If you need help in finding the right medium to send your message across as best as possible, have a look at the 'news and events' pages for an overview of all the media per target group and use the order form to place an order or consult the communication officer of your unit or faculty.

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