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Are you planning to organize an event or activity? In the overview below, you can find all the important information you need to know. You can also find information and contact details for the Events office, which can help you organize your event. 

  • Events Office

    The Events Office staff has years of experience in organizing all kinds of activities and events. We can advise you on safety measures that you, the organizer, need to consider. We can (help you) obtain the necessary permits, and when large events are organized we are in direct contact with the fire service and police. We can also help you with permit applications for events. 

    Safety is important at the University of Twente. To limit all risks as much as possible, the Events Office must always be notified of all large and small events by way of an email to

    Are you interested in organizing an activity or event on Campus? Check all the information you need to know on this page before you are going to organize an activity. 

    J.C.W. van Straelen (Jelmer)
    J.C.W. van Straelen (Jelmer)
    Event Manager
  • Regulations, guidelines and legislation

    The University of Twente internal regulations are available online. More information will follow regarding specific matters relating to events.

    Sample safety plans and emergency plans are also available from the Events Office.

  • Notification of emergency response personnel (BHV) and events

    If you would like to organize an activity outside official opening hours in one of the buildings or outside on campus, the organisers must always notify the Events Office about their activity (webform). 


    The Events office must also be notified of parties on campus in buildings owned by external third parties (such as De Veste), and the organizers must also submit a plan for (larger) events which fall outside the private sphere to the Events Office and University of Twente Security ( The organizers must also provide this plan to the external third party and take into account any applicable conditions in addition to the university’s conditions. See also the regulations and key considerations for house parties.


    If you would like to organize a party or activity for more than 20 people outside official opening hours, you must ensure that enough qualified University of Twente emergency response personnel is present. See also the BHV regulations

  • Promotional activities


    • All requests for promotional activities on campus, for instance at O&O square, must be done by filling in this form.
    • Activities at which food or drinks must be distributed need to obtain explicit permission.
    • If Facilities Services, the site maintenance department or external third parties require certain actions to be taken, this must be made clear to the Events Office beforehand. Any associated costs are the responsibility of the activity organizers. These may include electricity, running water, etc.
    • The organizers are responsible for leaving the location as they found it. Costs for repair work, damages or clearing up litter will be charged to the organizers.
    • All safety measures and instructions from the Events Office or Facilities team leader must be taken into consideration.
    • If you have any questions and/or comments during the activity, please contact the Service Desks of the adjoining buildings.
  • Rules for barbecues

    The University of Twente has made it possible for students and staff to hold BBQs at several locations on campus. University of Twente students and staff may upon request, and subject to certain conditions and safety measures, use these locations. All other areas are not official BBQ areas and may never be used for BBQs without the express permission of the Events Office and/or a Facilities team leader.

    You can submit your request to hold a BBQ here. For sports centre locations use this form.
    A document setting out key considerations and conditions is available to download.

  • Barbecue locations


    Intended for:

    Request permission from:

    Who should be informed?

    Terrace behind De Horst

    Horst students/associations and Horst staff

    Events Office

    Events Office

    BHV notifier

    O&O square

    General use by University of Twente students and staff

    Events Office

    Events Office

    BHV notifier

    Sports canteen terrace

    General use by University of Twente students and staff, external third parties

    Sports Canteen Foundation (Stichting Sportkantine)

    Square near the beach volleyball court

    Only when also using the beach volleyball court

    Sports Centre

    BHV notifier

    Outdoor swimming pool


    Sports Centre

    BHV notifier

    Small square near the Fono (opposite the Bastille building)

    Not in use due to construction works

    Low terrace near the Cubicus building

    Cubicus building students/associations and Cubicus building staff

    Not in use after september 2024 due to construction works.

    Events Office

    Events Office

    BHV notifier


    Not in use due to renovations

    Boerderij Bosch

    Not in use due to renovations

  • Materials

    Do you want to borrow materials for an event? For instance:

    • Kliko bins
    • Fire extinguishers
    • First-aid kits

    You can request materials for an event by filling out this form. You can also ask the Events Office to hire larger materials for events and conferences. 

  • Rules for house parties

    Given certain conditions, agreements and security measures, including the provision of an event plan and safety plan, students are allowed to organize house parties on campus. Permission must be obtained in advance from relevant departments including the housing corporation and the Events Office. If you would like to organize a house party, contact the staff in the Events Office well in advance, around 3 months beforehand. A document setting out key considerations and conditions is available to download.

  • Overnight stays

    In connection with certain events, activities or sports tournaments, it is possible to spend the night in designated locations on campus. One of the options is to sleep in the log cabins; in certain situations, you are also allowed to camp on campus. To camp on campus, you always need to obtain permission from the Events Office, and in certain cases you will also need a permit. See also the conditions and security requirements for camping on campus. 


    • If fewer than 150 people are camping, a request must be submitted to the Municipality of Enschede. The Events Office submits these requests. Plan for an application period of 2 weeks.
    • If more than 150 people will be camping, you must apply through the Events Office for an Event Permit. Plan for an application period of 14 weeks.
    Overnight stay options (hotels etc)
    Overnight stays
  • Permits

    To organize an event or activity on Campus, you must have permission from the Events Office. 

    Some events require (event) permits or exemptions from the Municipality of Enschede. To obtain an application form and information about the documents that must be submitted with the application form, please visit the Municipality of Enschede website (in Dutch). 


    When applying for a permit, organizers must always involve the Events Office. The Events Office can give you more information about the application process and time frame. If you are unsure whether you need a permit for an event or activity, contact the Events Office well in advance.


    • Make sure you have read the entire permit carefully, and make sure your event meets all the conditions and (extra) safety requirements.
    • During the event, the event permit must be in the possession of:  
      1) the person(s) responsible for carrying out the event 
      2) the Events Office (  
      3) Head of University of Twente Security and university security (via


    There are safety requirements and regulations associated with erecting a tent on campus grounds. If the tent is larger than 50 m2 and/or there will be more than 50 people in the tent, you must apply for a permit from the Municipality of Enschede. Plan for an application period of 14 weeks. 
    If you have any questions about this or would like more advice, please contact the Events Office.

  • Who can I approach if I have questions?

    For advice, support, information about permits and regulations, etc., please contact the University of Twente Events Office. The Booking Office can assist with the reservation of indoor locations. Additionally, there is information about catering possibilities on campus and internal communication support.

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