Crisis instructions


Crisis organisation

Human Resources has drawn up a UT-wide crisis plan for large-scale calamities, such as a fire, an explosion or a bacterial infection, which is in line with the City of Enschede emergency plan. Because communication is very important during a crisis, the Marketing & Communications department (MC) has drawn up an extra crisis communication plan. The plans are continuously updated and acted out in practice runs. More information about our crisis organisation can be found on the crisis response page (Note: this is an Intranet page).

In short, what to do in crisis situation?

In case of fire

• Dial (053-489)2222

• Provide information about the location, possible victims and the size of the fire

• Alarm the people around you

• If possible, try to extinguish the starting fire. Otherwise, leave the area immediately

• Follow the escape path marking to the nearest exit or emergency exit

• Always follow the instructions of the emergency assistance team (BHV)

• Keep onlookers at a distance

Accident/acute urgent help

• Dial (053-489)2222

• Provide information about the location and type of the accident and the number of victims

• Make sure someone is with the victim

• Try to make the situation as safe as possible

• Always follow the instructions of the emergency assistance team (BHV)

• Keep onlookers at a distance

Other emergencies

Dial (053-489)2222 in the situations below:

• Thief caught in the act

• Accidents with hazardous substances

• Situations with a danger of personal injury and/or extensive material damage

Notification in case of a large-scale calamity

• Check the notifications via and

• Check Twitter (#utwente)

• In case of a big crisis the local government security services such as the police, the fire brigade and medical assistance will take over command and communication. The UT website and Twitter (#utwente) administrators will check the reliable sources as well as possible and will share their findings.

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