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Shaping HR: AFAS HR/Payroll system

University of Twente will use AFAS as a new system for all HR registrations and processes as of January 2021. 

Why a new system?

For current HR registrations and processes we use different systems. This makes it difficult to manage matters. Users experience it as complicated as well. AFAS will simplify the entering of HR registrations and processes.

Our aim is to improve HR processes continuously and to reduce the administrative burden by using the ever increasing possibilities of digitisation. No only do we wish to reduce the number of systems, but above all to make it clearer and easier for managers and employees to process their registrations.


Following an extensive tendering process, the software system of AFAS was identified as the best.

"It is an already proven system based on operational excellence and best practices. Our fellow universities RUG and Eindhoven University also work with it", Mirjam Bult, Vice President Executive Board.

Advantages of this new system

  • From various customised systems, to one portal/application.
  • All HR registrations (leave request, absence, salary slip) can be completed through one application via the employee portal and via the AFAS pocket app.
  • Employees will be able to enter more data themselves.
  • More efficiency and an improved look & feel.
  • More user-friendliness.     

implementation planning



Setup system

June 2020

Test conversion

July 2020

Shadow test

October 2020

Acceptance test

November 2020

Conversion production (after salary payment November)

4 December 2020

Mutation synchronisation month December

4 January 2021

Go live!

4 January 2021

Conversion other data (cumulatives and employees records)

Q1 2021

Follow-up care project

Q1 2021

Phase 2 implementation


Instruction video's

Instruction video

Watch the instruction video below and find out the most important aspects of MyHR (AFAS) briefly so that you'll know your way around. 

Short introduction video 

Watch this video about the implementation of the HR Payroll system AFAS and how it concerns you:


Here you will find answers to the frequently asked questions that we received until now. Do you have a question that's has not been answered here, please contact us via the contact form.


  • Can I still make suggestions or contribute ideas about the new system?

    We are always looking for people who want to contribute ideas about the implementation of the new system. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact the core team or members of the sounding board group. Later this year you will also be able to sign up for different user tests as an employees.

  • Do I need training to learn how to work with the system? How much time is this going to take me?

    The system is very user-friendly. From September, more information will be available about the system, what AFAS will look like for you and whether training is needed.

  • What is the role of supervisors and secretaries in the system?

    For the implementation of the system, the UT follows AFAS’ best practice. This relieves supervisors in areas such as leave requests and absenteeism. But supervisors still have a number of responsibilities. This includes entering some basic data when adding a new employee. This process can be delegated to secretaries.

  • Will the UT website, with all the information about regulations, also change?

    The regulations remain available on the same UT website and will be adapted when necessary.

  • What will happen to all HR related issues such as applying for leave and the optional model?

    All HR functionalities, such as leave requests, will be incorporated in AFAS. These different HR functionalities will also be available in your AFAS Pocket App. The app will allow you to access your personal information on your phone and register absence or leave requests. The annual appraisals will not yet be incorporated in AFAS.

  • What can I do in the system myself?

    An important aspect of AFAS is self-service. This applies to both supervisors and employees. In AFAS, every employee can start processes themselves and has insight into their own personal file. It will be possible to start requests and processes yourself to:

    • apply for more/fewer work hours
    • make pro forma calculations
    • check leave balance
    • view your personnel file
    • change your address
    • submit redundancy requests
  • Can I apply for a UFO examination/promotion via the system?

    No, an UFO procedure is always carried out by HR. This takes place at the request of the supervisor and/or employee. We are not going to set this up in AFAS, because this always has to be discussed beforehand.

Who are involved?

  • Steering commitee
    • Marion Kamp - managing director faculty BMS
    • Jan Laurens Lasonder - director LISA
    • Hans Oeloff - director HR en CES
  • Sounding board
    • Stephan Maathuis (chair)
    • Annemiek Baars
    • Renate de Boer
    • Susanne Emde
    • Jan Evers
    • Eveline Hooftman
    • Dagmar Keuken
    • Hermine Knol
    • Marc Knoop
    • Nicole Letteboer
    • Maureen Melisie
    • Hans Punt
    • Evelien Schulenberg
    • Anja Smit
    • Jan Willem Timmerman
    • Lise Lotte Westerhof
    • Elisabeth Barmentloo
    • Jolanda Boelema
    • Netty Kollen
    • Marc van der Meijde
    • Dirk Schipper
    • Wouter Assink
    • Mette Strubbe
  • Project group
    • Hans Westerik (project leader)
    • Rens Brinkman
    • Ellen van Erven
    • Arjen Grinwis
    • Carola Slot
    • Arno Holterman
    • Saloa Omari 
    • Bas Penterman
    • Barend van der Plas
    • Hariet ter Horst-Mulder
    • Danielle de Vries – Luisman
    • Nicola Amoruso



If you have any questions and/or remarks, please contact one of the project group members or use the contact form.

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