Version management system

For UT staff and external participants.

Service for version control of, for example, documents and source code.

  • Applications

    Every employee of the UT can login to this system. After registration (login) they can apply for a repository or apply to get repository creation rights. Access and change rights can be given to other registered users (UT members or external participants). As an extra there are several project management tools available.

  • Costs

    No costs are charged for up to 1GB data storage.

  • Conditions

    A SVN, Mercurial or GIT client is required to use the version control system. For SVN only SSH transport can be used. For Mercurial and GIT SSH and HTTPS transport can be used.

  • Delivery

    Repositories or rights to create repositories will have a delivery of maximum one week.

  • Support

    This is a service for advanced users; support is not provided for the use of SVN, Mercurial, GIT or the project management tools of Phabricator by LISA. The application for repositories or rights to create repositories is dealt with by the Servicedesk ICT.

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