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EDUBox transfers to Jordan for the test phase with Syrian refugees

Finding its true purpose for the first time, the EDUBox travels to Jordan. There the EDUBox will provide technical vocational education and training to Syrian refugees.

EDUBox is a self-contained, off-grid and modular learning environment aimed at decreasing the shortage of educational infrastructure in places like refugee camps. Its design makes it easy to transport and adapt to different challenging locations and conditions. EduBOX is an amazing Humanitarian Engineering project created by a team of passionate researchers and students led by Alberto Martinetti and Peter Chemweno.

EDUBox is a humanitarian engineering project, where science and engineering come together to improve the well-being of communities facing grand humanitarian challenges. Education represents one of the essential building blocks of such societies and enables marginalised individuals to rebuild their lives.

Dutch Design Week

The EDUBox was in Eindhoven at the Dutch Design Week last month. Visitors had the chance to experience EDUBox. The Box was set up there as a learning environment. Visiting the EDUBox helped the designers and researchers shape the future of health and wellbeing. 

Further development

The EDUBox will be shipped to Jordan to provide technical vocational education and training to Syrian refugees, fulfilling its true purpose for the first time. But the mission does not end there! The future holds more opportunities with a fleet of EDUBoxes deployed to underserved communities around the world. The second and third EDUBox are now in the design phase focused on agricultural and smart industry domains.

EDUBox project is a collaboration between the University of Twente, Belink Academy and Yarmouk University (Jordan), funded through the Orange Knowledge Programme TMT+ project sponsored by Nuffic and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

More info

More info on EDUBox? Visit utwente.nl/edubox or follow its journey on Instagram (edubox_ut).

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