Call for robotics solutions in tackling corona crisis

"We are facing a global pandemic and DIH-HERO, together with its extensive European network of healthcare Robotics, is fighting COVID-19 to support healthcare professionals and save lives," says Françoise Siepel, Operational coordinator DIH-HERO.

DIH-HERO, the international network of stakeholders in Healthcare Robotics, uses its network to find, produce and stimulate the right equipment needed in the current corona crisis. Together with 17 partners across Europe, EU robotics and the European Commission, it will identify medical needs that robotics can meet and existing solutions that can be deployed quickly. DIH-HERO would like to involve you and all experts in this field.

COVID-19 call

Currently, Europe and countries all over the world are facing a global pandemic. Together with its extensive Robotics in Healthcare European network DIH-HERO decided to support the fight against COVID-19 by providing €1,000,000 for robotic technologies that can be deployed timely, in order to support healthcare professionals and save lives by satisfying a current clinical demand or need.

Although the submission period of only one week has been very short for this special call 146 proposals have been submitted before the deadline on the 17th of April 2020. After the first evaluation of all these great proposals and fantastic ideas, the evaluators invited the Top 20 highest ranked proposals for a 10-minute video interview in order to get to the final ranking of proposals to be awarded. We are very glad to announce the first awarded third parties Fighting against COVID-19 open call, which are given at random below:

F&P Robotics AG
Akara Robotics Limited
Jonker-Makis Robotics B.V.

Hocoma AG
MetraLabs GmbH Neue Technologien und Systeme
ACCREA Engineering Sp. z o.o.
KELO Robotics GmbH
Rubedo sistemos

*Please note that this list has not been finalized yet and might be updated after contract signing at the beginning of next week.


dr. F.J. Siepel (Françoise)
Associate Professor