Resilience@UT: Our Vision and People

Our mission and vision

We want society to be better prepared for natural and human-made hazards/risks. 

We contribute to a resilient society through research; real-life demonstration of solutions, education and learning opportunities, knowledge dissemination, awareness raising and capacity development. We seek inspiration from society, from diverse disciplines and sectors, from the local to the global levels.

With an emphasis on the themes of drought resilience, safe societies and healthy communities, we advocate resilience as the core design principle of any system or as an element of existing systems through modification and adaptation.  

Our daily board

daily board includes members from all faculties. It serves to steer the activities of the resilience programme and provides guidance as needed to the initiatives and projects under the programme. The board meets on a monthly basis with the Resilience@UT coordinator. Members of the board include:

BMS Faculty

ET Faculty

ITC Faculty

EEMCS Faculty

TNW Faculty

Strategic Business Development (SBD)

The Resilience Programme is further supported by an Advisory Board comprising a representative from each of the five faculty boards and DSI. This advisory board meets two to three times per year with the Daily Board.

Sub working groups develop activities in the three themes of drought resilience, safe societies and healthy communities.

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