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Publishing Open Access

When you publish open access, the peer-review process and often even the journals are the same as for traditional publishing. The difference lies in the number of people who have access to your publication. 

The advantages of open-access publishing are enormous for researchers and research. And chances are that you can publish open access for free in top journals in your field, thanks to agreements between Dutch universities and publishers. 

Visit the UT Open Access page and discover the advantages of Open Access (OA), how to assess the quality of OA journals, how to publish OA for free as a UT author or receive a reimbursement from the university’s Open Science Fund, and how to easily open up your closed publications. 

Would you like to request a presentation for your research group about your options for open-access publishing, based on your publications? Would you like personal guidance in publishing your work open access or do you simply have a question? Please contact the information specialist of your faculty or send your question to the Research Support Desk. They will gladly help you.

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