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Dual Career: career support for partners

career support for partners. Discover what is possible and the role of the ut within this process.

Recruiting talented staff is an important priority for the University of Twente. Exceptional teaching and research depend on a diverse academic community with a broad range of talents and nationalities. As an international university, UT attracts leading researchers from all over the world.

Dual Career Support

The decision to accept an appointment with us often involves moving one’s entire family to the Netherlands. We acknowledge that talented prospective staff often have ambitious spouses or partners who also wish to further their careers. The University of Twente offers Dual Career Support to assist partners or spouses of new academic staff in building up a new social network, securing career advice, seeking employment, finding voluntary work or exploring further opportunities for academic endeavors.

No guaranteed results

Please note that Dual Career support does not offer guaranteed results. The chances of finding a job depend on the individual and the local job market. We can provide you with a realistic assessment of your career prospects in and around Twente. We always assist partners looking for an academic job at our university or partner universities in the Netherlands or in Germany, which is just across the border.

Dutch language skills

Those seeking non-academic jobs should be aware that Dutch language skills are generally required on the local job market. At the University of Twente, we offer several Dutch courses for employees as well as for partners.

Please contact the HR department of your faculty if you’re interested in the possibilities regarding dual careers.