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Related integrity regulations

Codes of Conduct University of Twente

The University of Twente has a number of codes of conduct related to integrity. In addition to the UT code of ethics, there exists a code regarding ICT and internet use, and a code regarding (sexual) harassment, intimidation agression, violence and discrimination.

Regulations university of twente

In addition to the codes of conduct several regulations exist to stimulate and warrant good behaviour. The UT has a general complaints procedure, dedicated regulations regarding intellectual property rights, and a reporting of irregularities scheme (whistleblower procedure).

Confidential advisors

The Executive Board has appointed four members of staff to act in the capacity of confidential advisor. These four employees perform their duties as confidential advisor in addition to their regular job. The confidential advisor advises and supports individual staff members who are confronted with unacceptable behaviour like intimidation, (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying or stalking. UT staff can also approach the confidential advisor in case of a workplace conflict related to or arising from unacceptable behaviour. PhD candidates, too, may call on the confidential advisor. Bachelor's and master's students may not, however. These students can approach any of the student counsellors should they be confronted with unacceptable behaviour.