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Ethics Committee

The University of Twente has adopted a university-wide research ethics policy. This policy states that an ethical review of non-medical research will be conducted by one of the domain-specific committees. 

For information on ethics reviews of medical research and a description of the other domain-specific committees, please visit the page on ethics assessments for research.

Ethics Committee Computer & Information Science

EC-CIS has overhauled the self-assessment checklist. From now on, new requests must be prepared with the new checklist.
The new checklist is longer but easier to use and more representative of the wide range of research that we do, including AI and data science, cybersecurity, and human-computer interaction and design-oriented research.

The faculty EEMCS is responsible for the Ethics Committee Computer & Information Science (EC-CIS). The EC-CIS advises on ethical issues related to research projects involving human participants, personal data, AI technology, cybersecurity, and dual-use.


If your research was reviewed by an ethics committee of another institution, please send the request, documents, and review outcome to the secretary of EC-CIS. The secretary will let you know whether a filled-out checklist for a full assessment by this committee is still necessary (or whether they can assess based on those already existing materials). 

If you plan to do research with possible ethical issues, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Check out the different domain committees on where to file your request for assessment.  
  2. Fill in the self-assessment questionnaire. You can choose whether you want to use the LONG FORM (.docx) or the SHORT FORM (.docx) of the questionnaire. The short form is specifically for researchers experienced with the procedure. The long form is highly recommended for people with less experience or who are uncertain at various places what is expected of their answers.
  3. Prepare the necessary documents. Depending on your research, these could be consent forms, information brochures, research plans or protocols, etc. There is a template for a consent form available.
  4. If necessary, you could ask an ethics adviser (see below) for help preparing your request.  
    For students Create and Itech, it is mandatory to contact the pre-check team.  
  5. For all (Ph.D.-)students, it is mandatory to ask the supervisor for approval of the request. 
  6. Send the self-assessment and the prepared documents as PDF to ethicscommittee-cis@utwente. (Students Create and Itech, please send cc to pre-check team, (Ph.D.-)students, please send cc to supervisor.) 

When the committee receives the request, the secretary will forward it to a committee member for review. The reviewer might ask for extra information and, afterward, formulate their advice. The advice will be shared with the researcher who submitted the request. 

If you are a bachelor's or master's student and your research is part of a course in your study, your teacher will take care of the ethics assessment.  


If you want to make changes to research that has already received positive advice from the EC-CIS, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Adapt your self-assessment and accompanying documents to fit the new research and highlight the changes within the text.
  2. Send everything to the ethics committee by e-mail with a summary of the changes you want to make.

Depending on whether the changes are trivial or might result in new ethical issues, the amendment either will be directly archived with the original request or will be reviewed again. You will be notified about the outcome.


Ethics advisers

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Secretary Ethics Committee
drs. P. de Willigen (Petri)
Research Support Specialist