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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) advices on ethical issues related to research projects involving human beings. If you plan to do research with human subjects you have to submit your proposal for ethical assessment:

If you are a bachelor of master student and your research is part of a course in your study, your teacher will take care for the ethical approval.  

List of members of the Ethics Committee EEMCS: 

  • A. Pras (DACS), chairman
  • P.H. Jansen (BMS), ethics advisor 
  • Dr. D. Bucur (DB/DS)
  • Buitenweg (BSS)
  • Dr. J. van der Ham (DACS/NCSC)
  • Dr. K.N.J. Macnish (BMS), ethics advisor
  • D, Reidsma (HMI)
  • Dr. L.I. Segerink (BIOS)

Secretary Ethics Committee
drs. P. de Willigen (Petri)
Research Support Specialist